Video: Fat Suit Skids and Flips with Johannes Fischbach

Aug 6, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesJohannes Fischbach's bulbous uncle Ray is on holiday in his home country, giving free rein to his awkward, weirdo lifestyle. Uncle Ray embodies all the stereotypes of a typical e-biker, because as we all know, e-bikes are only for old, corpulent people without fitness and any desire for riding fun. One day, Uncle Ray decides to buy an EMTB and smashes the clichés with a proper full send, because these clichés are just as "oldschool" as uncle Ray. Check out uncle Ray's full edit!Johannes Fischbach

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 at least they're being honest about who their target audience is
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 Whips are whips and flips are flips.....who's gives a f#ck what kind of bike it is. Good riding is always good riding.
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 Yep, this was Awesome! I want one.
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 Hard to dislike anything with that tune and big whips..
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 F@#kin' hilarious, barely noticed he was riding a (motor)bike - good luck in Lenzerheide, Fischi !!
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 Two questions:
1. How many hot-rod Plymouth Satelites are there in Germany? (sub-question, are american muscle cars considered cool in Germany? or was this meant to add to Uncle Ray's un-cool-ness?)

2. Was Uncle Ray able to score a date with that hottie after towing her up the hill with his ebike??
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 1. Muscle cars are VERY cool in Germany but also VERY expensive..!
2. That was probably Fischi's girlfriend Wink
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 Videobomb from Giant at 1:32 min Big Grin
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 Anyone else disappointed there was no driveway burn out? lol
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 Early adopters are having all the fun. Discouraging comments from those that do not like the technology will not change this fact. They're here to stay. 26, 27.5, 29, hardtail, front fork, full suspension, boost.
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 Sick edit. Love the concept.
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 If you think this is funny fu ck you. I use to be real 5'8 325lbs...I got a MTB not and EMTB and I worked my ass off for 2 years to lose weight. I dropped all mybweight for my love of mountain bikes, to realize I love a sport with a bunch of close minded fat shaming bitches. Being fat is a choice, it's a very hard choice that goes well beyond eating and right into your psychosis. I dont blame anyone but myself, but this shit right here is appalling and fu ck you.
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 Showed this to my little grom kids (4&7) and they laughed their butts off. I didn't have the heart to tell them that Ray is wearing a fake suit lol.
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 Got me laughin’ for sure....loved when he spanked that bag of cheese doodles or whatever they were on that tree
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 I wonder if he could do it after a month of super size me documentary challenge.
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 Fat whips of a whole new kind!
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 Is that the new Giro Tyrant helmet?
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 Very cool ????
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flag overconfident (Aug 7, 2019 at 2:31) (Below Threshold)
 If you're asking, I'm gonna say, IMHO, no, that was about as cool as getting caught masturbating by your mum
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 @overconfident: His or your own mum?
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 @mitochris: I was thinking anyone being caught by their own mother. Referring specifically to his would have been just slightly more juvenile than I wanted to go with that
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 @overconfident: Being caught on an ebike would be worse.
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 my favorite!
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