Video: Crankworx Whistler - Fat Tire Crit

Aug 8, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  
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2. Chloe CROSS
3. Chrissy DEVALL


1. Quinn MOBERG
3. Craig RICHEY

Video: Erik Holperl, Ty Bowmaker, and Scott Secco

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx

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 Anyone else think they meant Fatbikes?
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 That makes two of us
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 Yeah or something wider than skinny xc tyres
  • 9 2 "fat tire" the meant not a road tire. This is a criterium done on a trail bike as opposed to the longer roadie events. I missed the kids event but watched the women's and men's events from the fence at the gravel transition...great stuff. Even thought the women's field was really small, I thoroughly enjoyed the battle for third where Devall ended up making a pass near the start/finish that we could only see the result of on the far stretch and into the transition. By far the smoothest and most consistent of ALL riders was Berkenpas...clearly she took advantage of practice, found a perfect line through the gravel corner and nailed it every single lap. Also on one of the few hardtails, and I think that helped her hop the curb every lap too.

This is the official opening event of Crankworx and if someone is here for the whole gong show, I'd recommend spending the hour watching this event. At 1:27 I'm the dufus in the background (light blue shirt) getting iPhone vid of the back stretch and transition...had some great people hanging around that corner for chatting and commentary (and wondering if we all were going to make cameos based on this camera placement). Also, the PB video missed the sweet KTM doing the tagging out and the odd slide in the gravel. I don't know who the woman riding it was but she had a sweet gig.
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 Seeing the kids on the bikes, with cheesy smiles having so much fun, is awesome.
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 XC is sick! So much respect for those guys. All disciplines of cycling are amazing and striving to be better cyclist in all disciplines is part of what makes this sport so special. Grip it and rip it. No matter what you ride.
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 kids race was more entertaining than the grown ups.
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 Thanks PB us xc racers appreciate it!
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 Eyyyy hockey dad
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 Or 27.5+, or 29+ or... Aggh, too many 'standards' my head csnnot take it.
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 ya options suck! I hate having many different things to choose from. Can you imagine if car companies came out and said you know we are tired of giving you all options, we are all going to make the exact same car from now on. People would lose it. Give you're head a shake, and just buy what you want and leave the options to us open minded people!
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 u can tell kids are having fun they aren't wearing full lycra
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