Video: Final Practice Hits at Red Bull Rampage 2019

Oct 25, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

It's Rampage Eve and in between gusts of wind riders were busy checking off their biggest hits before the big show.

Additional footage by Logan Nelson


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flag LA-Law (Oct 24, 2019 at 22:22) (Below Threshold)
 I mean... It's Red Bull. PB is just embedding their YT uploads
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 Never mind. I'm lame. This was PB. My bad!
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 Yeah, the pre-ride stuff is very cool
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 Pure dopeness, love all the content we’ve gotten this week, tomorrow gonna be awesome
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 Boys are riding well and the vibe is there in spades this year. Hoping for an epic (and safe) tomorrow.
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 Bendan's case!!!!!!
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 New frame
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 Guess I'm not going to get much done at work tomorrow... Oh wait, I haven't this whole week.
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 I don't then brendan's gonna be flipping that jump if he cased it that hard going flat in guinea pig mode... That jump is really bad news if you don't make it
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 He did it perfect the next three times...who knows!
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 For whatever reason, seeing the hits in this format seems so much more visceral than the redbull coverage.
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 I'm watching this in earnest

And am struggling to see where there's anything to judge.

1. Style? Dunno. Seems like a lot of dead sailor landings. A few random 3s were solid, but the rest seems like a lot like Huck it and hope. Like a "pro" Friday fails kind of thing.

2. Tricks. Is the goal to finish the whole line?, Like no foot down, or whatever? Or are you supposed to do a backflip too. I'm asking this in all seriousness. I was hoping all cycling has outgrown backflips as the "wow" contest trick?

Too, these days (maybe always has been...) when I glance at pinkbike it's obviously all under the guise of 'buy this shit, cause it's got oil-slick ano...'. With that said, if you are a brand manager, and your bikes are in this, what's the take here. Who is the customer? The ex-golfer turned Yeti bro, or the Sprint tri-athlete turned shock geo expert?

I like the concept of using mom-nature to destroy yourself. Just seems like the normal MTB over-hype "OMG I just Rode down a hill... Look at my bike" is that much greater with this.
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 Free rides not dead! ????
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 Cam’s front flip, there was some kind of foot motion and a ka-chunk right on the takeoff. What was that? Slipped pedal?
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 Lets go to Rampage and get a mani. OMG! You said it girl.
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 Sounds like a few rear shocks are still a bit soft...
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 Slope style with bushes.
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 Just insane!!!
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