Video: Finals Highlights - Red Bull Rampage 2019

Oct 29, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

Red Bull Rampage 2019 was one for the books and was filled with action from start to finish. Check out all the riding from angles that you didn't see in the live broadcast and get insight from the athletes in post-event interviews with Brett Tippie.

Filmed & edited by Logan Nelson

Additional footage from Red Bull Content Pool.


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 This slow-mo of Brandon on the backflip double drop really shows his commitment and the precision required to do so... Big slopestyle or not, 99,99% of people would be sick just looking at this feature, let alone going upside down on it. It was a hell of a Rampage!
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 Did you notice how high up he landed to line up for the second drop? He couldn't have back flipped any closer to that cliff without scraping his helmet.
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 We got not only words from Semenuk, but jokes?!
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 Yes - obviously an imposter.
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 You obviosuly don't remember his hit joke about the broken pencil
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 @Davidt89: dude thats pointless
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 Definatly the best rampage to date, not so much a single moment above the rest, but rad throughout!
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 Definatly agree
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 @MCMbiker: Me too!, definatly.
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 @MCMbiker: man i f*cked it haha
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 Yes, past Rampages seemed to be defined by a couple moments. This was the first time where it waS a constant stream of excitement and WTF moments including Brett Rheeder admitting to owning a flip phone still. Its simply unreal.
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 @scott-townes: wow, a flip phone is pretty hardcore. Guy deserved the Rampage podium for sure.
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 In the face of all odds, this was defiantly the best Rampage, ever.
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 I seen videos and watched all the years of live stream rampage, and this is by far the best event over all ever!. Everything from riding to judging was on par I think. Long live Jordie Lunn!
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 From getting to know each rider perspective, bike checks, media, interviews, pre-post rampage, digging crews, photos, level of rinding... I agree 2019 it has made a stamp that Freeriding and Rampage it is a worldwide event that deserve at least the coverage and recognition we have had this awesome year!!!
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 Not to mention commentary, ever since Cam Mccaul has been in the box it has progressed every year, I have read some negative comments about this years event but when you watch the runs Cam takes lead and dosn't get a foot wrong, the other two in my eyes were to give Cam a break in between runs and shoot the shit. I found it was the best Rampage ever for this as well, however last year they had a couple of riders join them for interviews between runs, perhaps it didn’t run quite as smoothly but it sure is good to get some input from the riders perspective once they have calmed down, or other bike celebrities heavily involved like Bearclaw or some better known diggers like Brandons apprentice.
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 Semenuk cracking a joke. Tippie brings out the best in the riders. He should be doing Tina Dixon's gig. Hope you're listening Redbull!
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 Seriously. Tippie gets it! I laughed, cried, and was blown away by this recap. He’s my favourite broadcaster and interviewer in mountain biking by a long ways.
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 Follow Me w Stevie. You know, the joke about the broken pencil...never mind it’s pointless✏️
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 Semenuk would have stomped everyone elses lines too. People need to start realizing that Semenuk is alone at the very tip of this extreme sport pushing it forward, doing things that have not been done before. I'm not even jealous of his riding but of his brain, capable to focus and commit to goals.
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 Nice! Well said. Agree fully. PS video was amazing. Thanks Tippie!
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 Indeed true. But to me, he doesnt seem like the guy for spuealy brakes, for me this just doesnt fit Smile
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 BC Sweep! Whoop Whoop.
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 Still smiling from this one..what an event! Brendawg blew my mind with that flip....
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 Fairclough is the man. Nuff said.
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 Lacondeguy admitting he knew his first backflip wasn't going to happen and still going for it is just proof he's one of the most hardcore riders to ever walk amongst us
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 Emil is just as quiet as Brandon. Next GOAT sure
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 Fairclough FTW. I enjoyed his run more than any other.
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 Now THAT is what I call a summary. Excellent review in both presenting and editing. Kudos to PB. As for that canyon flip by Fairclough...holy smokes. I still cringed even though I'd seen it five times before!
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 So rad!!! Nice work on the video Logan!
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 Such an awesome year, best sporting event on earth. Cool recap, Tippie is so funny and legit.....I really liked the way they showed the rider's morning mood before the event started...Heavy! So happy everyone is safe and rocked athletes on earth!
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 Best Rampage since a lot, a lot of sick runs, great atmosphere, everyone was safe, some wild epic moments, thanks to everybody involved and huge respect to all the diggers and riders.
Among many crazy and unbelievable moments still can't figure out how Kyle Strait made to land the Repubblican drop on one foot (8:34) and rode it away like nothing happened hahah
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 Awesome guys!
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 cool music choices editor
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 Did Brett Tippie get a set of Andy Roy chompers?!
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 I love rampage. After watching it, everyone in our riding group was sending gaps and drops they've never done before. We were all amped up
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 Great recap. Would love to know what the riders think of each other’s lines. So much skill in the top 3, but whenever I watch Brendog’s POV his line looks so much rougher and less sculpted, especially that chute...
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 Pinkbike has their event coverage dialled now.
With Brett matched to the freeriding events (I still have trouble with that oxymoron) and Cathro at the WC’s, the host compliments the discipline.
The staff behind the lens are really doing their jobs well, too.
Direction and editing are bang on.
It’s the best work I’ve seen, and I’ve seen some work.
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 Enjoyed this video thanks to Brett Tippie !
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 Lacondeguy’s jokes were my favorite lololol
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 Them caps look good Tippie. Not even kidding, very natural.
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 Killer Rampage and not one "got robbed" comment! Like whoa!!
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 Dope contest, thx for the stoke!
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 best Rampage yet
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 It was a smiley faced emoji not sure why it’s all ???? Or why down voted
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