Video: Finals Highlights with Eliot Jackson - Leogang World Cup DH 2021

Jun 15, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesAn old track with a new twist. Leogang brought the goods at round 1 of the UCI Downhill MTB World Cup this weekend! A new track that could be discussed for weeks was quickly tamed by some of the world's best as riders carved their way down the Austrian landscape.

With crashes to follow and some incredibly fast laps, it was top-to-bottom drama throughout the day before Swiss rider Camille Balanche cemented her place in Leogang history and Australian rocket Troy Brosnan ended his winning drought with an exceptional run. Eliot Jackson was there to get the low-down in Leogang.
Red Bull


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 Great coverage and edit here. Eliot does a great job. The race was incredible to watch and getting to relive that excitement here again is just awesome!
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 This was an incredible recap vid. Much rather have Eliot commentating than riding World Champs at Val di Sole although both are equally as entertaining.
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 Tracey Hannah did a great job too. Really enjoyed her commentating on the women’s race too.
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 She really showed the amount of respect the riders have for each other.
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 I think having her for the women's races was great. It was clear that she is far more in touch with the female riders and can deliver better insights in the women's race than Rob or Claudio
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 "I'm friggin over being consistent. I wanna win this sh**"

God I'm excited about this season. Pierron, Vergier, Minaar, Bruni, Hart, Daprela and Wilson probably all have something to say about that. And I haven't the slightest clue who will take the top spot this year
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flag parkisatool (Jun 16, 2021 at 7:50) (Below Threshold)
 Unless it's sloppy af Wilson won't be in the mix
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 The dominant riders, dominated.
Vali was the only non double winner this weekend. Every other winner won both, be it qualifying run or short track in XC.
The race season has just started and it’s already delivering some awesome results.

EWS you’re up, you better deliver.
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 EWS never delivers compared to DH. We have to read about it, look at pictures and small bits of video, and look at still pictures of the bikes in bike checks.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: That's apparently about to change. They said there's gonna be a better coverage of the races at EWS this season.
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 Thank You Elliot for the great coverage . Awesome to have you on the RB broadcast team . Looking forward to more in the future . Cheers
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 Bulldog to Wall still blows me away.
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 What a performance by Troy Brosnon. With absolute confidence on the gnarliest terrain, a six second gap in qualifying and a cool head to bring it all together in the finals. Definitely leads one to believe that mate did not show up in leogang to fuck spiders.
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 Awesome recap. Really good coverage. Also. Came here for bulldogs wall ride. Not disappointed.
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 Such a great race!! Excited for the next one!
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 Amazing coverage, quite the team red bull have assembled. Bring on Les Gets!
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 Nice! Never miss a race, but missed this one. Then this sweet recap was posted. Serendipity baby
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 Where's that Junior Men's Highlights Reel? I want to see some Goldstone action!
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 Weird part is seeing him with a mask then without a mask then with a mask.
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 Nice work, now get in the booth and replace Claudio next race!
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 f'ck no. Eliott is cringy when commentating. These tasks suit him wonderfully tho, he's very good a tthat.

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