Video: Finding Flow in Squamish with Rhys Verner

Jan 27, 2022
by ForbiddenBike  

If you want to make it in the world of enduro, it pays to base yourself somewhere that offers all the necessary ingredients you’ll need to succeed. For Canadian racer and Forbidden Synthesis team member Rhys Verner, such thoughts rarely register and for good reason. Born and raised in Squamish, British Columbia – arguably the epicentre of Canadian enduro – Rhys is surrounded by some of the most fertile training grounds for enduro, in the world, and the ideal playground for the Forbidden Druid.

Rider: Rhys Verner
Video: Thomas Doyle.
Music: Figaro - MF DOOM

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 Looks like he gave up finding flow in Squamish & went to the North Shore instead.
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 90% of Squamish is finding their flow on Seymour these days... Wink
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 Last weekend Seymour was packed to the gills. To the point that the parkgate parking lot was full. Also, everyone take it easy. I saw BC ambulance waiting at the Old Buck trailhead and Fire and Rescue parked at the Baden Powell/Mt Seymour Rd intersection.
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 @blaaaaaaaaaah: yup crazy busy. Skiing was not that good last weekend either. The perfect storm.
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 @blaaaaaaaaaah: Busiest I've ever seen it. It was opening day on Seymour apparently ;P
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 all of Whistler as well... complete gong show. I hope NSMBA get some donations
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 @blaaaaaaaaaah: Can confirm 'twas busy. I was there.
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 @O1D4: Me included! Thanks for the dirt! We'll go home when the snow melts in Squampton.
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 Props for the DOOM track, nice video, and nice riding. Fun edit.
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 Better put a rip in the credits, not that a mad villain will haunt you
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 Is it just me or should most/all MTB riding videos skip adding the music? I actually like this song but I want to hear tires and freewheel.
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 Most of the bicycle noises that we have grown accustomed to hearing in these videos aren't actually real anyway. Just some clever bastard making "bicycle like noises." I dig th vibez personally.
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 Hey dudes ladies thanks for showing up cuz i know you did. At the end of the day Saturday was great after all the weather we've seen well it was no surprise what was witnessed Saturday on Cypress. Hey gals/guys come back mid week....just saying cuz we were empty this week.. And one word or advice is stay off the road that is a summer thing and you are risking lives.
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 ahhh pretty sure that last half was Boogie, no?
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 Yes it was
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 Still tons of snow in and around Squish, almost bought a fatbike. Decided to hit the north shore like other freaking rider in BC. Never seen it soooooo busy!
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 cool madvillian joint. way too cool for you
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 I couldn't Figaro out, who could be cool enough
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 Nope..."video is private". Please fix as now you're making me get back to work. Okay, working now. Thanks
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 Such smooth style. Nice job!
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 that was a great edit!
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