Video: Flow in the Snow in Nelson

Dec 5, 2019
by Bohdan Doval  
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Words: Dragonfly Earth Medicin, Video: Bohdan Doval and Akailah Yocom

Nelson, BC at it’s finest! The unbelievable town with miles of expert trails in pristine wilderness. This video is representing what dedication to a sport, the health of a body, the health of an environment and the strength of will can manifest and thrive in. An athlete’s success is always riding on continuous power, mental clarity and recovery time after injury.

Supporting long-term health should be the focus, over short term gains. These 2 amazing downhill riders Sky Dunn-Sarvice and Kendall McLean with the help and of Sierra Willow and Claire Buchar and many others are creating an avenue for professional athletes to be supported and sponsored by health/wellbeing companies and educators. Check it out! These guys are freaking fast and focused! We are so honored to help support this movement! Feel free to share the magic of this video!


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 who else finds the talking at the begining of this to be a massive cringe?
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Edit: The trails and riding were absolutely amazing! The hypocritical malarkey on the other hand didn't add any value to the video imho.
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 Most of this is deeply cringey. The crew smoothie crushing shot in slow mo had me loln, as did the tunes. Channeling 2007
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 The audio was turned off immediately and what snow?
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 it had me wondering if i'm the only one who rides cuz it's fun, and not some deeper spiritual thingus. but it appears to be a commercial for something, so i assume that's connected. however, i liked the vid and it made me wanna go ride.
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 Also, why are they drinking mud?
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SUPER cringe
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 So painful! Hey young, world travelling, racers, just ride. don't talk. At least they spared us a hypocritical lesson on environmentalism while riding the latest tech around the world, or did I luck out and mute it early enough?
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 Hmm, let's talk about the love of the forest while we destroy muddy trails in a freeze thaw cycle...
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 Only thing I thought of as well...
"I feel so at peace and symbiotic with Nature and all the forest as I skid and shralp the piss out of this here trial."
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 well. I quite enjoyed watching that.
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 What does staying grounded mean?
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 ommmm that sacred ride holy rollers recycled enlightening wheeled wizards and the goddess of golden dirt. its a higher calling green thing that gives you wings to dream free. be leaf
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 Cheesy, too long intro. check.

Images of food or coffee. check.

Make mountain biking look like an easy, silky smooth jaunt in the forest when it's actually rough as f*ck and physically exhausting. check.

Oh, and lock up your tires and just tear the trail apart for shots of flicking dirt while you talk about love for the trails. double check.

Why don't bike companies make videos that make riding look like it actually is? It's not like cutting butter with a hot knife, it's like cutting frozen butter that's full of bolts and headset spacers with a triangle.
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 Mixing grass, dirt, your own pee, blend, drink, shred.

Haha great riding ????
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 remembers me how much I miss Nelson
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 reminds Wink
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 I can guarantee you that trail will be a loamer come spring as if it had barely been ridden.
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 Pinkbike really has a hard on for these riding in "snow" videos right now.
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 Tis the season. Fa la la la la...
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 mushroom is so cut!!
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 I meant great riding !!!
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 Whenever I see Nelson in the title I click thinking it's in NZ
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 Anyone Else want to Maringa and nettle smoothie
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 That’s what we call a dusting...
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 @CircusMaximus: Nope. It's the reality.
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