Video: Finding the Flow State with Noga Korem

Nov 10, 2021
by GT Bicycles  

Winning an Enduro World Series doesn't come easy. It takes a lot of talent, but comes down to hundreds more aspects, some can be controlled, others just can't.

It's up to the rider that will put themself in the right headspace to ride the closest to the limit without hitting the ground. It's the flow-state, a new dimension where everything just seems to work flawlessly. It's that feeling of confidence that every racer seeks. It’s something that takes time to reach, it comes with trial and error, adaptation, and a little bit of luck.

It is a process, and we're about to get started. Join Noga Korem, as she looks back at the start of her season and how she found her flow.

2021 Enduro World Series Canazei Italy

Enduro World Series Round 4 La Thuile Italy

Enduro World Series Round 3 La Thuile Italy

Film/Edit: Jules Bellot
Photos: Sven Martin


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 Interesting insight and great footage. Some of the riding cinematography is unreal!
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 Noga is due for an EWS win!
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 For sure!
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 Awesome! And yes great images to boot.
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 That last photo is such a banger! Nice one, Sven!
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 Nice video. The biggest thing you can take from failure is getting back to work, its the biggest motivation there is. Even Sam Hill has commented on that after his season to say he is hungrier than ever! Interestingly the RM team with their Jank files have been playing the mind game, showing how much they have been testing and training together to the public eye, have they behind the scenes, who knows, but it certainly looks like it. Jack has put out videos showing how fast he is going, even now when recovering from surgery, the mental game of how fast he has been going back home is being played out and he has found an avenue to show his raw speed with some metal music. Train, Ride, Practice, Train.... but also. play the mental game! Its what makes this sport so amazing, the best rider doesn't always win if they are not there mentally.
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 She has a great interview on downtime podcast as well
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 That was awesome
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 Noga is such a nice person. All good for her!!
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 Noga is a hard core.
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 Great cinematography and content. GT is definitely stepping their game up.
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 So glad Noga to follow and root for Noga. Such a great attitude.
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 @norcorandy what took u so long mate? Almost 24 hours since it was poted
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 Loved it!
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