Video: Finding the Flow Zone in Germany

Feb 22, 2020
by Hans Allmendinger  
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New Zimtstern 2020 TechZonez Line is launched in shops and on trails - Zimtstern rider @linomacho on jump line nearby Darmstadt/Germany

For more information click here.


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 Zimtstern, you suck! Publishing a promotion video featuring an unofficial trail is a NO GO!

@pinkbike: could you please remove all possible references to the location?

@lbsteinm: could you please edit your comment to not reveal the location?

Thank you!
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 Don't doom the spot!!
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 Wow, great job. /s

People really need to stop publishing articles/videos that might reveal the location of unofficial trails (, which this apparently is). Since we're in Germany, that means the riders might be fined and the trail will be torn down in 3, 2, 1...
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 trail looks like good fun, official or not. I hope one day I can own a big enough property on a hill to build whatever I want and not have to worry about rules from clubs ect,
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 I live currently in Germany. Can you guys give me a tipps witch of bike parks/trails should I visit?
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 Germany is not that small, where exactly are you?
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 @MartinKS: Wolfsburg aber ich möchte dieses Jahr in Richtung Süden umziehen. I war schon in Winterberg, Schöneck und im Harzgebiet.
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 @polok: für dh ist bad wildbad das beste. Zum Park fahren ist bischoffsmais ziemlich gut. Für lokale trails schau am besten bei da gibt es lokale Gruppen
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 @polok: In Northern Germany you won't find anything better than the Harz mountains. A meriad of legal trails and 5 (!) bikeparks: Bikepark Hahnenklee, MSB X Trail (St. Andreasberg), Racepark Schulenberg, Bikepark Bodetal (Thale) and Bikepark Braunlage. If you haven't visited at least the first three, especially one of Germany's finest, the "Downchill park" Racepark Schulenberg: GO THERE, you won't regret it!
Close to Hannover there is also the Deister region (
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 Yeeeeeeeessss Lino! Sehr geil Smile
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 Trails that smooth and jumps that small, why not ride a dj or even a BMX?
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 Are there any backflips?
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 Backflips: yes
Mopeds: no
Gloves: yes
Music: meh
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 Is there any EU?
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 Doesn't look very flowy...
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 Trist me it is
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 To get ze flow ze rider must be efficient.
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 I don't even know what to say now.
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