Video: Finn Iles Course Preview POV - Mont-Sainte-Anne World Champs 2019

Aug 30, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

Check out Finn Iles GoPro POV Training run in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada during the 2019 UCI MTB World Championships.


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 He's no Claudio, but Finn has a way better sense than most people about what banter we want to hear in an entertaining preview. Not so much of the "Right turn, pant pant, Left turn, pant pant, another right hander, pant pant, some bumps, silence, etc"
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 Non stop and a whole lot faster too. That had to have been sub 4:30.
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 @sooboyki: about a 4:27. Faster than his qualiy run
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 Yeah, you’re right, he’s fast.
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 It was fun, but I quite like Gee's previews, well and Claudio's for the laughs.
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 Gee is the best at the course previews
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 One run down that track would reduce the population of PB drastically, hold my keyboard.
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 That open section, Jesus. I'm fairly certain that if he went any faster, he'd go back to the future.
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 In fact 2 km faster and he would have gone back to the
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flag Robbyc1979 (Aug 31, 2019 at 7:09) (Below Threshold)
 @downhillslayer: we was going 124kmh/80mph? Or are you just bad at math?
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 @Robbyc1979: it’s a joke brother, you’re just bad at humor.
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 Great preview. But who's gonna tell Finn that Wham! broke up?
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 Wait till monday so you dont break his psyche
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 Don't wake him up until he go goes down the track.
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 One of the best course run previews in recent history! On par with Claudio's... can we please hire Finn to do this full time Red Bull?!?!
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 Lol. “I f*ed that up”
Go get ‘em boy!
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 "a little drop..."
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 the track this year is very impressive. The trail guys & girls have given us one of the best Worlds tracks* for many a year. It's gonna be EPIC!

(*denotes a personal opinion) Salute
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 "not going fast enough" ya ok there!
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 Only because it was wet...
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 Props to Finn for trying really hard with his hair game, but Minnaar is still king.
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 If that question ever comes up again of whether dh is worthy of being an olympic discipline, this video definitely provide the answer to it! I doubt most of the PB community could demonstrate the combined level of fitness, skill and judgement that he did in this run. Amazing!
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 No hander on practice run....rad! What kind of no hander did he call that?
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 sui(cide) no-hander
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 @dubiouslogik: never heard the term "sui"....thanks
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 @RadBartTaylor: I appreciate your screen name a lot! One of my favorite movies.
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 @drummuy04: me too! Not many young wipersnappers get it...
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 Great preview! He has good commentary. He really reminds me of Tom holland. For those of you who don’t know... the most recent Spider-Man in the MCU.
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 No, he’s more of a super athletic Justin Bieber.
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 Excellent course preview Finn, i prefer that over Claudio's stuff any day.
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 Is the “99” a Gretzky shout out?
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 I think it's a combo of that (he said he's a hockey fan on his bike-check) and that he was born in 1999. He was saying 99 is his favorite number.
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 Awesome to hear his stoke on that crazy wide open straight,
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 Suicide no-hander on the last jump. Thanks for the tip!
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 Then you realize the trails in your area are really easy......
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 Great course preview! And MSA looks to be gnarlyer than any course on the WC this year. Stoked to watch tomorrow
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