Video: Finn Iles Gets Up to Speed for World Cup DH at Cypress Mountain

Sep 12, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

UCI World Cup racing is just around the corner and I'm celebrating the only way I know how: fast-paced downhill training laps at one of my favourite shuttle spots, Cypress Mountain, on Vancouver's North Shore. Cypress offers everything needed for awesome training before I head off to Europe. Hope you enjoy this POV!


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 Shredding!! Casually talking while pinning it is impressive too!
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 That bunny hop over the log at 2:53 was Boss Level stuff.
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 I can't even watch that fast.
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 how he did that is beyond me... i can't even see the dam trail...
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 He just makes it look so effortless. I’ve realized how bad my cornering skills are. So many of those flat, loose, tech corners would have me bouncing into the corner, over braking and almost to a full stop and to full gas to pedal out of. Zero flow at all.
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 it‘s like a pov from an x-wing star-wars-fighter
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 Endor speeder bike, pew pew pew!
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 My first ever time riding the shore was on that trail. I was on a 2006 stumpy, no armor except for an xc helmet. It pretty much went like that... or I might have got concussed real quick, one or the other - can't quite remember.
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 That was super, super!
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 Drink every time Finn says super and watch the vid 5 times in a row.
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 Interesting and insightful that he's riding one of the fastest and possibly the most flowing tracks on Cypress. DH racing and the courses are not necessary about the tech sections anymore. Sick speed though.
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 This kids pretty incredible.
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 2:16 is a super sketchy double compression and he didn't even stop talking lol
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 Super duper
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 Super Uber video. That is a proper Mtb trail. I’d be so slow creeping down that. Haha. Hopefully all goes well for him this season.
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 He did those 6-7 laps in just over an hour .. beating the shuttle truck down every time. Was cool to see Canada’s best at work!
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 Cypress Hill?
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 You know I was just pondering how to get my wife to shuttle me and our son on those trails so I can take my downhill bike. She's generally been pretty angry since the mid 80's and does like to play Public Enemy era hip hop really loud in the car. I will suggest that if she drives us for a couple of laps we can listen to Cypress Hill on Cypress Mountain.
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 Someone watched mary Poppins too many times as a kid. Finn sure is supercalafrajalisticexpialadocious though.
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 Jersey Shore is one of our go-to's during the week. That was incredible.
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 Blazingly fast, but question is did he get the Strava KOM!
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 It's like he is levitating his way down the trail!
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