Video: Finn Iles Pushing Hard at Whistler Bike Park

Jul 17, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWhistler Bike Park has been open for a few weeks, so it's about time I post some POV with my new GoPro Hero 8. Here's a hot lap down Schleyer and Detroit Rock City. I was doing some testing on my new Specialized Demo ahead of race season so I couldn't talk too much. Let me know what you think! Finn Iles


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 Bunch of complainers here. Thanks for the content, Finn.
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 so smooth
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 Finn-- you should really mount the GoPro at or under the chin, and keep hypersmooth at "on" instead of boost. Your runs will just look a lot faster (and more realistic), like this it's in the uncanny valley.
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 Can't comment on the camera settings, but I agree that the video was overly smoothed. That didn't really even look like a bike ride down a double black trail at Whistler.
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 "I might do a little commentating" (talks the whole time)
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 Yeah but at least his commentary is good, i haven't heard much "bad" commentary but his is really good
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 Did he say 45 minute lift line?! Yikes
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 I was lucky enough to follow him down Pleney in Morzine. I kept up for 2 corners then he was gone. Rapid as you get.
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 Was there today. I can imagine the feeling. Different species.
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 Yep, my same run GoPro footage looks a bit different, mainly much much slower...
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 Doing some "testing" huh...I spy a DHF with my little eye
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 When I was a kid?
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 thought the same thing. lol
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 He’s 20 years old. He’s past his teenage years.

“When I was a kid” is a perfectly valid statement considering he’s been riding Whistler since he was 10.
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 I don't like this GoPro anti-shaking features Smile .
"Here is gets really rocky now..." - and video is still smooth and non-shaky as he was riding on asphalt.Not saying it should be unwatchable shaky - but this is extreme in the opposite direction, it takes all the "reality" feeling out of video...
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 Remember when kids were complaining that GoPro's used to be too shaky?

Good grief...

Really enjoying these POV runs! Keep them coming.
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 I thought that had ridden those trails, must have been something different. That was fun. Thanks.
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 Yeah those lift lines suck, mostly because the terrain is just so damn fun.
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 No line at all for fitz or creek side, everyones just greedy on the A line laps.
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 @Benjamin97: You probably mean garbanzo instead of fitz as fitz is the one with the 45 min line ...
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 Oooh I love Schleyer!
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 “Let me know what you think!” ????????????
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 god damn i love those runs and would never be able to charge them that quickly
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 What's wrong with the framerate?
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 Thanks for sharing. All my favorite trails. Wish I could be back there... way too long...
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 I wish I was 1/3 as good as you. Lol
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 I feel a little bit sick.
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 Oof, 45 minute lift line on a 4 minute run
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 It takes me half an hour
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 At that speed I couldn't even remember my name
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 So fast all the time
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