Video: Finn Iles Showcases His Favourite Trails in BC in 'Quick & Dirty 1'

Jun 23, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesQuick & Dirty is a three-part video series, filmed by Rupert Walker, designed to showcase some of my favourite trails around BC and the stuff that I like to ride day-to-day.

For this first installment, we filmed across a variety of locations that I spent time at to help me prepare for the World Cup race season. From Mount Prevost to Cypress Mountain, to my own backyard in Pemberton, each of these locations brings something unique and special.

Finn Iles

Behind the Scenes

bigquotesCome hangout with Rupert, Tommy, and I in Pemberton for a couple days while we wrap up shooting for the first of my three part "QUICK AND DIRTY" riding video series!

We've had a blast over the past few months, filming, riding and taste testing different types of forrest vegetation, and I cant wait to share the finished product with everyone!
Finn Iles


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 I want to ride that fast...I just don't understand how to ride that fast.
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 Pedal harder, brake less, don't crash (I am still working on the last one)
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 Usually following number two leads to failing number three for me.
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 You've got to be able to shun your sense of self-preservation to a dark, inaccessible part of your mind. Everything that these guys do is so high consequence at these speeds! They're absolute savages on top of the insane technical skill.
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 @Bomadics: dont forget the high pivot Smile
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 Become one with your bike weedhopper. Than take a lot of chances hire a coach, eat sleep dream bikes 24-7 and pray!
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 Home sweet home!!! I love my backyard!
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 Honest question, has he won a DH with the elites yet since moving over from the junior category?
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 Wow- footage of people shooting footage. Meta
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 They slow down his riding and it's still faster than I ride!
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 That suie was mint (everything else aswell ofc)
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 Sick! clipped in suics always make me chuckle though.
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 Sick ! Good show

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