Video: Finn Iles - Shuttle Bus

Jan 16, 2015
by Scott Secco  
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 "Do not attempt"... Pshhh I'll try to whip like that but most likely end up being a new trail feature.
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 "Do not attempt"... Pshhh I tried to do that today and spent 3 hours in hospital with a grade 3 clavicle tear. Cant wait till i can try again!!
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 Heal up dude!
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 Do not attempt. Stunts done by a 14 years old.
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 haha true sh!t! xD
"Do not attempt"... Pshhh if a 14 year old kid can i can i ended up doing a nicely faceplant instead! xD
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 Pfff Hold my beer!
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 "one more lap" ha.....RIP.
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 aha yeah famous last worlds of any rider.
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 I've found "Last lap" is cursed, but if there's always "one more lap" then you just bow out without injury.
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 Two more, skip the last.
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 RIP JP Auclair.... The original bus shuttle!
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 sherpas cinema doing awesome stuff... again.
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 That backflip was nuts.
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 YES! Thank you, I thought that shot looks familiar. Man, what a cool area these people live in. Still cannot believe he's gone but videos like this make me happy for the future.
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flag The26rider (Jan 19, 2015 at 9:18) (Below Threshold)
 About 2 min. of intro, sweet thanks for wasting my time!
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 So you're saying if i ride the bus i to can whip huge
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 Yes. It's science.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Jan 16, 2015 at 22:50) (Below Threshold)
 So God wished
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 Canada wins at mountain biking.
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flag Mcfc1987 (Jan 17, 2015 at 12:36) (Below Threshold)
 Meh, I think the podiums tell a different story, while Canadians can whip, we win races
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 @Mcfc1987 Mountain biking aint all about racing.
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 Two words: Steve Smith
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Someone says "Canada wins", someone else says "then how come all the podiums are full of brits?"
Gets downvoted

Stupid internet
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 Sam Hill.
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 Peaty, Joe Smith, Beaumont, Sam Dale, Danny Hart, Matt Simmonds, Gee and Rat boy all in the top twenty five overall last season, two of them in the top three and a further three just missing out on the top twenty five. Top tear racing is dominated by Brits.
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 Do not be stupid; is not a matter of state, which dictates is geography.
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 well that makes it even more remarkable as the UK has a lack of mountains and a lack of efficient ways to get to the top of the majority of the mountains and hills that it does have i.e. gondolas etc.
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flag torero (Jan 18, 2015 at 10:33) (Below Threshold)
 There is simply more seriousness and discipline in training.
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 The riders get the same level of support with their training as the other members on their team from different nations
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 And if it is so simple then why does no one else doit? Its down to the intergration of riders. In a small place, all the racers meet up and push eachothers limits constantly, they all know eachother, all ride with eachother and develop that way
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flag ruclawson (Jan 18, 2015 at 22:44) (Below Threshold)
 Who the fuck cares, nobody wins with shitty pinkbike arguments that go in circles. ps. Canada wins.
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 But getting neg propped for a list of facts, from the World Cup, by butthurt users, is a b*tch
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 Wow...I was joking. I didn't know the internet would take this so serious. It's a sport guys, go out and have fun.
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 Seriously. Can Canada be more cool? Bus commercial advertising one of its uses is shuttling. Never in America.
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 park city, UT has a FREE bus system. In june-august has 2 bus lines that go up about 1000ft. bus drivers are cool and let you jam pile as many people and bikes as possible in those things.
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 It's pretty shit considering it's tax payers money paying for a service we pay for to advertise.... do you really need a commercial for your local public transit?
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 You can ride the telluride gondola system for free and ride the old world cup track all day long without dropping a dime! In PDX you can ride the max to the zoo and ride all the way back into the city on trails and urban dh!
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 That was so awesome!! But the bus said "1 more lap" whenever I say that I end up wadded up off the trail somewhere.....

Awesome ad though, really cool!
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 that bus might as well have "666" written over it!
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 that whip was majestic as fuck
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 i'm loving that BC transit actually promotes this. taking the bus to go ride is sweet, none of that loading and unloading of your car involved, just adventure from start to end, so rad! where i live i can’t use transit to do shuttle laps, but i can use it to get me 10 miles outside of town, dropped off right at the base of a good riding area. when i’m done shredding, i cruise back on the highway, mostly down all the way back to town. if only buses had more than two slots on their racks..
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 Finn is gonna go so far in life when it comes to riding Big Grin
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 Kid's got style. I think he just got a sponsorship deal with 100% for their new helmet. Well done.
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 100% are making a helmet?
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 hes also just been sighned for lapierre gravity, such a cool guy and his riding is mental!!
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 Finn the Human. With inhuman bike skills.
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 Hard to think he is like 16 years old and he whips over 90 degrees
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 so he should be able to 360 in 48 years Kappa
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 1 more lap - No rider has ever ridden that bus more than once.
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 i think a lot of us would be a lot better than we are today if the whistler bike park was our backyard...
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 Thats lame j-maj998! This kid learned his basic bike skills on a $10 used bike in a skate park. Do you have dirt jumps? Bmx track? XC trails? The Whistler bike Park helps but it is only open for 4 months of the year, and for 2 of those months the kids are in school. Until this year Finn never rode his bike from September to May as he was also a competitive skier and hockey player. He is possibly a better skier than bike rider. You dont even have a real winter to deal with where you live - so you could ride your bike year round. A lot of us would be a lot better if we could ride year round.
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 I gotta give it to you. You make a great point. Im mainly just jealous Smile
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 didnt this fool leave trek for lapierre??
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 i suppose this was filmed a while ago then cuuuuuzzz that doesn't make sense hes on a trek
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 this guy. just...this guy!
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 what trail/mtn is that? looks like abby......
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 Half Nelson in Squamish,
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 My name is Finn... I wish i was that good
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 Well, ok then. Sure would like to whip like that.
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 If only more ads were like this one
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 There ain't no bike trail that ends at the native center
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 This kid is smart
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 BDS Fort Bill anyone!!! Cant wait....
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 a Micheal Bay version of mountain biking
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 Hahahahahaha pro at 14
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 thats great..good for BC. 1 more lap is not good. that is all
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 What trail is that?
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