Video: First Day of Building the DarkFEST 2020 Course

Jan 12, 2020
by Sam Reynolds  

The boys have arrived at the Darkfest site in Stellenbosch, South Africa! The machines are arriving and we are designing and building hopefully the best course of all time! The first few days always involve getting the diggers up to the course and making a plan on what to build and how... Stay tuned over the next month to see what we are creating and more info about what's to come!

These incredible photos were taken by Ryan Franklin.


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 Can't help wondering why you're not using "clean out" buckets on the excavators? Seems like they would be better for sculpting without loosening the substrate more than intended. They are also wider which would expedite work. Admittedly I'm not an operator, but have worked in excavations over 32 years.
By the way, you guys are crazy riding bikes off those jumps. I do find it very entertaining to watch. Good luck.
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flag Don23 (Jan 12, 2020 at 7:27) (Below Threshold)
 Nico Vink the best trail builder out there Hawk sit back and take notes !!!!
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 Sounds like they're renting the machines. Maybe they simply didn't have access.
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 There is no tilt bucket either on those excavators. Maybe they have another machine later for sculpting beatiful lines or they are doing a hell of alot handwork. Or simply skillful operators.
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 this dude would kill him self on those jumps hitting them breakless because he is to broke to get new brakes
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 I read that the negligent use of 27.5” wheels by freeriders at Fest series events could become the no1 cause of global warming in 2020.
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 whichever way the crews decide to rework the track, I'm pretty stoked about Darkfest...AND the possibility of watching progress edits...can we get some? this is a major event for me to read about during winter in the north.
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 ah yes, oversized sunglasses and MTB-branded booney hats, the trail builder's work uniform. Excited to see how the course will be after the announcement video recently.
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 You mean they hater blockers on?
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 Go Nico!
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 Slope style is dead
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 Always super pumped for this. Love all the edits leading up to the event. Be safe and have fun boys!
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 What a monster the course is.
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 Whassup, Nico Vink - no Transition Shirt or Hat?!?!?
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 He doesn’t want to get his Transition shirt dirty man, haha!!
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 This should be called "Hot Fest". It baking out there today.
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 yes cant wait
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 Adolf Silva?
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