Video: First Hits on the Huge Audi Nines 2020 Course

Sep 6, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThis episode we just had too much to show you, so made a special mega episode of testing all the jumps! Come along for the ride and experience the highs and lows of the last couple days of riding.

Filmed and edited by C A Greenwood and myself and additional footage by SEBKM and Clemens GoPro!
Sam Reynolds


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 They make it look so easy on every video of the competition.. never imagined that it took that much practice n that the athletes stressed so much over it! Great to have some inside views!!
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 These guys are guinea pigging it. Different story if you know the jumps are tested & someone tows you in
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 This gave a lovely insiders view of the pressure the course designers and builders feel with a deadline approaching ...
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 Why wouldn't you park a pickup, in the landing of a huge jump? Might as well park it perpendicular and leave the tailgate down, while you're at it.
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 Pull your right hand back and push your left hand forward on that bar thingy and you can do a trick called “a turn“ !
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 I also winced every time I saw them heading for the truck and its open tailgate...I suspect there is some gopro effect on the go though.
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 Looks amazing. I really enjoyed just watching you guys dial in the jumps with no music playing.
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 that case looked nasty tho
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 just casually bailing on a massive gap and being fine. c dog is nuts
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 These computer games have got pretty realistic graphics these days!
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 So scary, I shat all my neighborhood pants
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 Predictions.... beinve will do some kind of a gnarly front flip. Dawid will do some kind of twister variation and possibly a clean quad whip. Emil will ride so clean people will almost forget how big the course is.
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  • 7 4 could do this on a gravel bike.

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 You're partially right actually You could definitely try it on a gravel bike
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 @Bikerdude137: or a road bike for more adventurous types
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 @Bikerdude137: yea you would have our fullest support.
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 @Braench: sure but you're already in Germany...
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 Here comes the annual spam of the headline "world first".
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 These drone pilots are getting good, but why does it look banked-left?
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 What looks banked left? Also he wears vr style goggles when he flies the drone so he's watching from the drones point of view while it's flying, it's pretty cool
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 No expert here.... But I dont think it is something wrong... To me it looks like the path/direction that he is flying forces him to bank the drone left so he can stay on track...not sure tho
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 i'm kinda into these kind of FPV drones lately so I know a thing or two about them. They are quite simple compare to those already well known DJI drones, without any gimbal or some sort on board just the drone itself and a gopro attached to it, so basically you're viewing at the pilot's point of view and the footage is gonna show almost 100% of all the drone movement thus creating those kinda lively/active style footage, so when the drone needs to bank left to maintain it's course, the footage will look left banked.

Why don't just fly a DJI drone you might ask? Well a typical DJI or DJI style drone is just too slow and sluggish to keep up with most of the active sports, plus the video feed you see on the screen from your remote controller has a lot of delay so it's gonna be really difficult to do this kind of chasing shots, the drone will literally crash before you see the corner and ready to turn at that speed. And why don't just put a gimbal on those FPV drones then? FPV drones are mostly overweighted compare to DJI ones, that's a cost of them being build really tough, you can crash into a wall at 60km/h, fall to the ground with a hard hit, and just take off like nothing happened and fly back right away in some cases. adding a gimbal will just make the already short flight time(2-5 minutes typically) even shorter. Plus the "sway" movement of FPV drones adds a bit of activeness in the shot and a gimbal will just totally kills the sway.
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 Anyone know what rear tire Sam is running and does it come in a dh sidewall?
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 Love how I automatically go to YouTube directly for these videos, somehow they don’t play through PB.
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 It just might be you, bro!
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 Insane jump
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 Was that a roof rack on an R8? Come on!!!
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 Change a jump so fast. Skilled operators.

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