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Video: First Hits on the Huge FEST Sessions Line

Dec 14, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAfter a day warming up in the amazing Ferme Libert bike park it was time to step up and hit the big line! We walk you through the gnarliest line in the world and then get our kit on and get after it!

Thanks again Nico Vink for such an amazing event!

Filmed by C A Greenwood and Ryan Franklin

Music By Lucky Palmz

Thumbnail photo by Tom B Photography
Sam Reynolds

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 On a much, much, much smaller scale I can say there's nothing like the feeling of a first hit. It's adrenaline and relief and excitement... I can only imagine the feeling on this scale!
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 Iron Maiden's "From here to eternity" would be a suitable soundtrack for this video. They are definitely sending from here to the eternity!
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 Some spectators could definitely say they brought their daughter to the slaughter! This one would do as well
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 No matter how old you are, a 100 footer is insane. To be doing it at 16 years old and that small is just unbelievable.
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 Absolutely amazing. Kudos to everyone hitting those things, but especially Ike and Jackson.....simply amazing. Can't imagine what goes through their parent's minds when they watch them do this stuff
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 f*ck it, my kids would do some xc racing....no way I would let them do those things!!!! haha Seriously, imagine how bad you would feel if your kid die on one of those kicker! :O I'm really impressed but seriously, I wouldn't let my kid do that! lol
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 100' step down... ya no
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 Holy airtime!
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 I can't even dream that big. Amazing!
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 All I see is balls dragging in the dirt.
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 the walk through really set up the magnitude of the line before the session. Mind blowing
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 2 things you'll never see on this trail:

1. 99.9% of us
2. Brake Bumps
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 F*cking insanity.
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 And my riding buddies are scared of a little 4' gap. Geez!!
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 Comparison is the thief of joy.
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 @SamReynolds26 surprised to see you on analog video for the drone. Got to upgrade to the DJI digital!
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 I predict the year of 2021 being the resurrection year of the mighty Monster T fork. I’m also drunk
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 Jackson is going places! that kid is only 16 and already hitting some of the worlds biggest jumps.
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