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Video: First Hits On The Massive Freeride Course at Dark Horse

Aug 20, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

The Dark Horse course is no joke but as riders get more comfortable on the big features, the tricks are starting to come out. Christina Chappetta breaks down the massive course and talks to the riders to see how they're handling things.

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 I wished I rode like a girl.
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 And like a little girl. Did you see those two kids just OWN that massive course.
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 These ain’t girls just riders , brilliant stuff !
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 Comment gold! Thank you
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 @DirkMcClerkin: mind blowing to witness in person!
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 Awesome! What a great event.. can't wait to show this to my daughter who has just started riding trails with me at 10, I hope it inspires her to want to go for a ride. Thanks and keep this content coming Pinkbike.
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 Awesome! What a great event.. can't wait to show this to my daughter who has just started riding trails with me at 10, I hope it inspires her to want to go for a ride.(so I can go for a ride) Thanks and keep this content coming Pinkbike.
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 @Sethsg: True, I love riding with her and my son!
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 Thanks so much! Casey blew this one out of the park! So cool to see the ladies show up and never take no for an answer. It was always a very uplifting, supportive environment so all they had to do was play bikes.
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 Mountain biking for four years and hitting stuff like this. How cool to start a sport so young and just crush it. I'm pretty pumped to see where the next gen goes. Thanks to Casey and Hannah and Katie, and Vero, and Lisa and Kat and all the women that are normalizing this type of stuff. It's definitely not for me, but I'm stoked it's an option for others.
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 Thanks Lacy for your continued involvement and support within women’s mtb! You are for sure part of many many successful riders’ careers and lots of people can reminisce on a hilarious story or 5 with you xx
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 "You roll in with just two pedal strokes"?

No, THEY roll in with just two pedal strokes. I don't roll anywhere feckin near it!

Also, can we all just acknowledge the magnificent Christina gun show!?

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 I was going to note Christina's sick guns in my post but decided that commenting on a woman's physical appearance in this context might be inappropriate. But now that you went there- yeah, she rocks it!
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 @Mlloyd550: I figure it's ok because I admire any human who is a good example of physical health. And I'll comment to/about any gender as long as I think (hope) that they take it in the respectful context I intend :-)
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 We need an article about her workout routine. She's frickin ripped!
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flag tarik28 (Aug 21, 2021 at 5:32) (Below Threshold)
 Don’t let lefties muzzle you. Say what you want @Mlloyd550:
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 Hahah yeah the slow drop in was really playing games with our heads. As for the “upper body strength”… I literally only rides bikes in the summer. No dumbbell routines for me. I can thank my Dad’s genetics there. Cheers for the compliment
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 I havent finished the video yet, but i just wanted to comment about how excited I am to hear a reference to the Pythagorean Theorem.
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 Hahaha had to do some hard maths to figure out that **22feet** number!
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 Dear Lord how old are those kids Tayte and Natasha?!? Looked like a walk in the park for them! Talk about prodigal freeriders.
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 Tayte is 12 and Natasha is 14!!! Super impressive.

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 "All you have to do is fall outta the sky". No problem. I'm great at falling.
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 Falling is easy. Landing though…
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 @jojotherider1977: yep. It's not the fall that gets you. It's the floor.
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 My 10-year old daughter just started jumping; this will be mandatory viewing after school today. The world needs more positivity like this video- great job Christina and PB.
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 Than is so much! Schedule is full these days but there was no way I was missing being here to witness this session!! So happy it all together so nicely
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 The camera lies sooo much for jumps, those are some huge jumps, I love the atmosphere of this event. I don't care what my daughter gets into as she grows up (bikes preferred), but the support and coming together you see at these kinds of events is what I wish for
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 LOVE the stoke and camaraderie!
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 sud 15 years old kids riding like nothing course that was Crankworx stuff 5 years ago... please stop, my courage is not following
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 The progression is unreal. Imagine them in 5 or 10 years time ...
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 That no footer was legitness
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 When you realize at the end of the video that Casey Brown wasn't in it. So many good riders out there, this is such a rad event!
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 Good spot! She let the other girls shine Smile and had some serious admin to tend to as well.
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 Kudos to those who can oversend that drop and ride it out!
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 These girls have some serious strength on the bike! Overshooting was very quite scary! And quite easily done
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 Really cool to see new blood at this event! The future is bright.
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 I’m loving watching these girls events start to happen. Big respect to everyone involved, I can’t wait to see that side of the sport grow.
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 So awesome! Can I attend a workshop here and have some of these amazing riders teach me how to shred jumps like this?
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 I am so happy to see those girl groms showing the adults how it's done. The future is bright!
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 Awesome hopefully in 4 years I am half as good.
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 I thought, canada uses the metric system
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 We are so close to the states a lot of things are still imperial. Some things are actually CAD standards half metric / half imperial formulas for some things. It's weird.
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 God damn this is a rad event. Big ups to getting this going Casey!
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 Sweet event... Those girls are amazing...
But what do feet mean? Metric numbers, isn't Revy in Canada ?
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 Another awesome video! Hey Christina, curious if you sent all the features?
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 Inspiring! Great content and great riders! Thanks for sharing!
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 Nice course! Would love to get up to Revelstoke again...
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 This is badass! But Pinkbike Academy's Nicole Kennedy should be there! She's a sender
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 Vibes UP! Loved seeing this.
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 This is awesome! Those little ones so impressive!
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