Video: First Practice Hits at Red Bull Rampage 2021

Oct 11, 2021
by Mike Kazimer  

bigquotesRiders shake out the nerves with an early evening guinea-pigging session on the first official day of practice at Red Bull Rampage 2021.

With a rain day on Saturday and high-winds predicted for the coming days, any opportunity to test their features is a valuable one. Many riders choose to continue digging as they polish their lines in anticipation for the big day this Friday.
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 What’s the deal with people complaining about this event? These guys are literally building the features they want to ride. No, you as the viewer do not get to choose. Chill out and enjoy free entertainment
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flag aljoburr (Oct 11, 2021 at 13:21) (Below Threshold)
 Would not have to deal with adverts if was really free!
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 Their not complaining about the event; Their unhappy and expressing opinions regarding the lack of natural lines that score high as opposed to the tarmac take-offs and landings, that cater to the seasoned Slopestyle riders.Thus, leaving the Freeriders at a much greater disadvantage to the biased (score voting), that renders them as merely time-slot contestants seen in past events, where riders were clearly robbed. BRENDOG WON Bitch!!
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 Not exactly complaining, because the event is still awesome. But it's getting to the point where its a mega slope style course. They are making it easier to make it down the mountain and then to win the event it comes down to tricks. What I want to see is like the old days where it was a sketchy line, into a sketchy take off into the sketchy landing. The features don't have to be as big, just more tricky to get right. Maybe we need a RAW RAMPAGE.
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 @ajaxwalker: idk man, it seems like the riders are building insane things but at the same time trying to make it safer. I understand that it’s lame when scoring comes down to trick combos and the like. I think tricks have their place and everyone riding has a big bag of them but i think their scoring needs to be less of a focus vs line creativity, how well its ridden etc. of course who cares what I think, the riders should ultimately have their say in how they want this event to be scored.
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 @daugherd: They are definitely building more insane things. Smoothing out the trail allows them to go faster, higher, longer, to the point I think it's getting more dangerous than just having a raw trail.

In the end it's whatever will get most eyeballs watching, and i'm not, not going to watch it just because it's not exactly what i want to see.
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 @ajaxwalker: fair enough. Vote with your viewership.
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 Majority of the comments here summed up: " If it isn't like the 2001 event, its not worth having anymore"

Of course this year looks manicured. Its the 3rd year at this particular site (2016, 2017 site).
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 Right? The average PinkBike commenter seems to forget freeriding is just that. Freeriding. And part of freeriding is creating their own line. And that's what they're doing. Taking the time to build their own shit and making it the way they want it.

"Nah dude you spent too much time on that landing and made it too nice, PinkBike comments said it needed to be more raw!"
-Semenuk, probably never.

Half the clowns commenting probably wouldn't hit a single feature built at the Rampage site.
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 wheres the free part? You mobile guys watching it at work?
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 Not to hijack this very interesting thread of whether or not Rampage is awesome or not but I have 2 EXTRA TICKETS for anyone who would like to experience this insane event live. DM me your email and I’ll transfer them to you through Stride Events website.
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 @skidmarkbro: Damn - what a guy! I would have needed months of planning to pull that off and the Sea otter was still going yesterday. Good on you and whoever scoops them!!
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 "Rampage is slopestyle"... except you can die by falling off cliffs...

uuuuuhhhhhhhh kayyyyyy
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 If Rampage doesn't push your buttons - move on. I would rather see this than not see this - all day.
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 @owlie: On the other hand, I get paid to watch this at work. Considering the time I've put into dig, build and the final show, I may be better off than the riders!
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 Seriously i need to go slower...nah man, just turn....its October,,,,
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 @ajaxwalker: I’ve stood atop this mountain and let me tell you…anyone would be scared to ride this stuff. It’s far from slopestyle, many of those landings are blind and most are much smaller than they appear. It’s heavy AF.
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 A lot of noobs that do after work laps once a week on dentists bikes wanna chime in with opinions on riding they can’t comprehend.
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flag urkel (Oct 11, 2021 at 23:56) (Below Threshold)
 Flow is for girls. I'm not a freerider, but I'd rather eat clay than eat flies in the air.
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 Chill out and enjoy free "ride" entertainment. See what I did there
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 Stating a valid point of view isn't complaining. I get it, those huge tricks make great video and sell the event and you couldn't hit those tricks without building the course the way they do. But the majority of the course "is" a giant slopestyle course built over the natural terrain. And someone riding natural lines has no hope in winning against those tricks.

Maybe they need two events, one just as it is. Another where build time and allowance is limited so we get back to OG Rampage! (BUT IDK if the OG event would sell as well as the manicured lines with all the tricks...? And RB does have to get it's advertising dollars out of it OR who would pay to put on the event...)
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 @stiingya: LOL except its not a valid point. Darren Berrecloth got 3rd at Rampage in 2002 because he did a superman seatgrab. Cedric won in 2003 because he did a backflip.

You complainers just have zero clue.
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 Maybe they should make a Freeride line, natural, steep etc that all riders have to do a run down and then they do their built lines as well.
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 redbull gnarampage with barrely
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 @scott-townes: LOL except you MAKE MY POINT FOR ME...

LOOK at how much more natural the terrain was where he did that superman seatgrab... nothing manicured there...

LOOK at the back flip where he just landed it on the side of a washed out slope, no packed and smoothed run out...

The reason those tricks were so amazing is because of the terrain they were done on/with. Not just that it was a backflip or big superman...

Sure they've built up some lips and jumps, and for sure riders are hitting the same lines enough that in some places there is a "bit" of a trail here and there. But overall the terrain is natural, rough, raw and Rampage. Nobody is looking at those runs and thinking it's anything but Freeriding.

Again, the above practice video is amazing! But "Rampage" is supposed to be a freeride event. Mountain Biker version of extreme skiing/controlled falling. I'm sure there will still be some natural cliff drops to start things off and they are still really exposed and doing some crazy chit. But a lot of those built up lines and jumps could be anywhere at any slope style event in the world.
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 @stiingya: Its so hilarious you're comparing events 18 years apart and feel like judges should take that into account. It appears you don't know what freeride means or how judging a freeride event functions or how gnarly it is as you say silly crap like "But a lot of those built up lines and jumps could be anywhere at any slope style event in the world." hahaha wow. OK.

I don't know if you know this but just because you build a take off on a cliff drop doesn't make it any less natural of a cliff. Good grief.
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 @scott-townes: Dude, some of the lines in the video above look like they are from a jump park they are so smooth... might as well be formed with cement.

That's not what "I" think Rampage was meant to be. Valid opinion whether you like it or not.
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 @stiingya: Dude, those lines are on the bottom of the course. Dude, maybe you should see what they're riding in person. Dude, well built hits are still sketchy since they're the only ones hitting them and have to test them with a small margin of error and the risk of falling off a cliff, dude. Not valid, dude.
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 @Reno233: Yeah I bet. Maybe the camera work needs to catch up to highlight the size of the features. It is hard to appreciate it sometimes when watching the event.
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 @scott-townes: i admire your effort here and support your words
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 @scott-townes: Again you miss the point, it's not just that they can fall off a cliff or INTO natural terrain. It's that they are not RIDING ON natural terrain in the spirit of OG Rampage. Valid.

The very first shot in the video above sure looks to be at the top and there is an artificial smooth rollout that looks to start half way up the drop... You can fall off the side of the mountain at the Hardline too, but there is no pretense of that course being "natural terrain" like Rampage started out being.

What they are doing is amazing, scary as hell, death defying and as I said before I get that they can't go that big/ride that line at the top without making those modifications. They are going faster, farther, higher and the tricks are incredible. As the OP in this thread stated, "they are building what they want to ride". And it's awesome. Just that it doesn't seem like Rampage anymore because of how much is being built.
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 @stiingya: Its funny to see people who haven't been watching Rampage since the beginning being the only ones who complain about how the current iterations are not really in the spirit of "Rampage".

Talk about missing the point. hahaha
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 @stiingya: Did you not watch Kyle Straits latest build video, or any of the build videos showing the parts where you get into these jumps? 60+ degree 100ft+ long chutes dude. It's honestly f*cked. People have gotten so good that they are riding the chutes so fast that they are at the bottom zone of the mountain within like 10-20 seconds. ALL of the chutes and connectors at rampage now are leaps and bounds gnarlier than what they were doing back in the day. The riders and bikes these days are allowing basically cliff faces to be ridden down. Of course they have to buff it a bit so that they don't die? In Kyles Video, Cam Zink is saying that they had to smooth out the multiple head high drops that are in the middle of a 50 something degree chute that has an 18foot drop into it so that they don't get bucked off line and fall into a hole and die...

Just riding down chutes isn't enough anymore, especially with how good modern bikes are, and how good the athletes are. The "natural" parts are glossed over with the speed and control everyone has now, but I bet next to none of us would ride any of the chutes at Rampage currently.
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 @scott-townes: That doesn't make any sense... struggling to come up with another failed argument much...

If I hadn't been watching the early years I wouldn't know how different it is today. Every year they build more and more and every year there are at least some people who wish they would build less to keep Rampage unique.

Crazy thing is I just looked at the riding in your profile and you ride natural terrain. If someone came and raked out all that shell/rocks then what would be the point of riding down through the ceders...?
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 @leon-forfar: OK if the bikes these days make everything so common then why does there have to be so much BUILDING?? Shouldn't it be the opposite...

I'm not trying to take away from how amazing the riding they are doing IS. I'm just saying it seems like what was unique about rampage keeps disappearing...? You can build stuff anywhere, sure it's cool they are building in that terrain. But I miss when they were just scouting terrain, making minimal changes and hitting it...

Also, hell no I wouldn't ride any of those lines!! (the VERY bottom. MAYBE... but probably not! Smile )
I wouldn't get in the ring with Jon Jones either, doesn't mean I don't have an opinion on MMA.
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 None of you would say any of this slopestyle crap if you saw it in person. You just have no idea. Yeah things are packed, but you just don't have a clue they exposure and steeps that are still there.
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 my issue is when trick jumps at the bottom score higher than cliff jumps and death chutes up top. im here for all of it, but the scoring seems off sometimes.
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 @t-swing: exactly, a really gnarly run always gets scored lower than a boring wobble down the steep stuff with a kickflip sidebonk noseollie can-can on a totally artificial dirt jump near the end.
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 I agree. Riding in Virgin is a very humbling and awe-inspiring experience for an average freerider like me. I’m incredibly stoked for the event and think it’s a good balance of raw lines and trickable features. I think judges have a hard job and do pretty well for the most part. Pick your favorite rider or style and be a di@k about it. Or just watch it and have a blast seeing the best freeriders in the world thrown down on some insane terrain.
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 @t-swing: My issue is the number of people on this site who think a bottom jump outweighs a death chute. Clearly a lot of you don't know how the judging works.
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 They literally have berms built on top of the ridges. Look at 0:51
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 @Neechy: You mean like they did at the 2004 Rampage!? OMG NOT CORE ENOUGH!!! LOL you goobers are funny. BERMS AREN'T FREERIDE!!!
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 @scott-townes: i dont read here alot but every time i do, youre here smugly calling people mean and nasty names, always with the attitude that only you, Scott Townes, truly understands anything and that we're all so inferior to you.
But i know many of these riders personally and never heard of you.
Youre a pompous d-bag, bud.
Your opinion isnt any more valid than anyone elses, unless you produce this event but are just humble about it.
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 @kaybeee: "You're here smugly calling people mean and nasty names" "I know many of these riders personally and never heard of you. You're a pompous d-bag"

Claiming on a forum you personally know a lot of these riders, never "hearing" of me because that somehow undervalues my factual statements and calling me a douche bag is basically everything you proclaimed to be against. Congrats, you're a walking contradiction.

If you really knew these riders and have personally seen and helped with their lines year after year, you wouldn't be defending PB randos who are insulting these riders and downplaying their lines. You'd also have a clear understanding of the judging criteria and how the judges themselves are more than qualified to implement said criteria regardless of what clueless kids and boomers on PB who have never walked the zones think.

Sorry bud, but you need to take your own advice about being humble. LOL
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 @t-swing: That is because judges get to see full picture, which cant really be seen on camera, most of the score is calculated from line choice & by being able to do that line
It is scored higher because it is harder to get right, you still need skill to land in the right spot on a smooth landing!
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You're entirely correct. I should never used any of those words and Im pretty ashamed about it.
Im good friends with one of the judges and I agree with your opinion on this subject. Just saying that you stand out to me as always being on here ridiculing others.
My sincere apologies for being part of the vitriol. I will try to do better.
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 @kaybeee: LOL you went from "personally knowing a lot of these riders" to "I'm good friends with one of the judges"

You're hilarious. Be best.
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 I thought they wanted to bring back the old and natural style of rampage. It already seems though as they have converted the natural rampage features into one big man made theme parc with all these perfectly shaped skate ramp style features…
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 Yeah Semenuk on a single crown
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 This is just the lower section of the course - the upper part has plenty of rowdiness. Riding down raw, barely touched terrain is awesome, but the days of ungroomed landings are pretty much gone forever. It's just not possible to go as big as these guys are going without a prepped landing.
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flag b45her (Oct 11, 2021 at 12:25) (Below Threshold)
 my thoughts exactly, its just another slopestyle comp with a pretty backround, it will be the usual underwhelming affair with annoying overly exited commentary trying to make it look more entertaining.
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 They had a new site but it fell through at the last moment. So, then went back to one of the previous years sites (2019 I think) and it’s already super built out. Just flippy spiny stuff everywhere. At lease Brage is doing his own thing and built a totally new line on the other side of the mountain.
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 I read your comment and then I watched the first 3 seconds of the video and someone rides off a huge drop with a landing carved into the side of a cliff with almost certain death to the side. Down at the bottom of the course there are a lot of groomed jumps but that is because there isn’t a ton of steepness down there so they need jumps to showcase their skills in the air
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flag graniteandrew (Oct 11, 2021 at 12:44) (Below Threshold)
 It’s garbage and ya know it. Glorified slopestyle, puts all the big mtn guys at a huge disadvantage because tricks score higher than balls. @mikekazimer:
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 Anyone have any examples of what they would like Rampage to look like? Take away the grooming and you reduce the potential for riders to differentiate themselves with tricks, as well speed, safety and confidence. Or is it the tricks people frown upon? Just straightlining down a fault line isn't going to cut it 20 years after the huck and hope fest that was the 2001 edition.
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flag graniteandrew (Oct 11, 2021 at 13:04) (Below Threshold)
 How about a fair shake for all riders? Sorry brah, staked that line back in 17, stay away. Recycled venue, old lines, extra build days on top of it. You can build a slopestyle course anywhere. How about drawing lots for line selection or somehow flattening out the line selection. It’s just a bunch of trashy slopestyle dressed up like big mtn riding. You can’t believe for a second that a chute that 99.99% of people can’t ride will score like a cork 720 that everyone at a pro slopestyle level can throw. May as well just admit what it is. Slopestyle. Pretending otherwise doesn’t fool anyone, why do you think it gets so much hate. And oh yah, Norbs was robbed! @BenPea:
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 @graniteandrew: @graniteandrew: You can still be all about drops and lines and win......
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 RedBull RampRage
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 @graniteandrew: I don't know, man. There's too much hate in general, let's leave at the gate this time. Also, anyone competing at rampage could hit Kyle's shoot. As long as there's variety it's all good. Points will be points and Red Bull can do what it wants with its contest and hopefully they'll manage to shoot it properly.
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 *leave it at the gate
***other potential typos
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 @graniteandrew: I agree with you on the recycled venue points. Your slopestlye nonsense is played out and old. Go to the site, roll into these 'slopestyle features' then come back here and post...
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 Fair enough, not like I won’t watch it. But it is what it is. People have been asking for the same things for quite some time. Natural lines, not slope courses. @BenPea:
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flag graniteandrew (Oct 11, 2021 at 13:50) (Below Threshold)
 I’ve ridden out there, I know exactly what it’s like. Those guys are so good it’s insane. Still, now it’s just a glorified slopestyle event. By the time of competition, there’s gonna be buffed out lines down 90% of that hill, good on the crews for making it easy on their guys. Doesn’t make it turn back into a big mtn natural terrain comp though. @MikeyMT:
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 @b45her: you're more then welcome to go there and make your own edit. I'd love to see you Bender a drop up there and see what the consequences are. I'd prefer to see riders comfortable with what they are riding rather then ride some sketchy line for your entertainment.
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 @mhoshal: and that really is the whole point isn't it. People want to see stuff the riders are uncomfortable on. That was the whole hype with the original event.

And even though people won't say it, they want to see guys Bender-huck drops and explode.

I get nervous watching it now just because it is so high consequence and I don't want to see someone die on camera.

I'm not so interested in the trick portion, but it is the evolution of things. I think that is another thing that bothers some people. Watching someone barely hang on down a steep line or just make a jump is relatable. Not so when you see a kid flip whip a 50 foot double.
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 @mhoshal: that's the whole point of rampage. its supposed to be raw and natural not a glorified BMX track.
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 @b45her: Dude these guys are pros who aren’t trying to die or get seriously injured. Some have kids. It’s evolved into a more mature event and safety matters, so if they groom a jump or a landing, but can go bigger, safer, then that’s all good in my book.

You want raw? Get used to much smaller jumps and fewer tricks.
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 maybe they should limit tools. only spoons next year
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 @Reno233: yes exactly, smaller jumps and fewer tricks is exactly what rampage was meant to be, i find a natural gap or smaller drop onto ungroomed terrain far more impressive than a huge perfectly manufactured dirt jump. its getting closer to redbull flowtrail than redbull rampage.
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 @mikekazimer: there aren’t enough upvotes. How does one not understand the risk while watching this?
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 @b45her: Completely agree. Just turns Utah desert into a nice photo backdrop, rather than really establishing the type of terrain for the riders to navigate. Just a bunch of generic jumps down a hill with ex-BMXers spinning around.
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 @graniteandrew: The thing is that any of these top pros could ride down gnarly chutes now. The sport has progressed much beyond that. Yes, there are standout chutes that are still in a league of their own. Do you remember the guys doing those gnarly chutes? Zink, Strait, and Lacondeguy normally. All three of those guys are also doing big tricks on drops and jumps. Does that take away from the fact that they had to ride a 60+ degree 100+ft long chute to get to said drops and jumps? Not at all. There is room for both. Rampage would look boring as hell if it were the same as it was in the 2000s given how good modern bikes are and the athletes themselves.
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 Brage needs to save this event for us.
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 Make Spandex Great Again !! No more tricks!! First one to bottom wins !! Title sponsor should be Lipton Iced Tea! Winner gets a time share condo in Florida!!
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 Not sure how I feel about the recycled terrain...seems like the OGs get the good lines and the newbies are screwed as usual.
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flag SATN-XC (Oct 11, 2021 at 12:56) (Below Threshold)
 pretty sure this is a new location compared to the past couple of years
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flag wilsonians (Oct 11, 2021 at 13:14) (Below Threshold)
 @SATN-XC: Same location as last year. They change locations every 2 years I believe?
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 @SATN-XC: This is the 2016 / 2017 site. So yea...Brandon won in 2016 and Sorge in 2017...those lines will clearly score well, everyone else is just fighting for 3rd (assuming those guys stick their runs)
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 @MikeyMT: Assuming everyone hasn't progressed and there are no other potential lines which they have and there are. The new zone didn't work out so they had to revert to this previous zone.

Just like every Rampage before, people find something baseless to complain about. This is going to be insane.
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 Huge hits!! Awesome to see Semenuk's precision. Storch is looking good (as always s2) too. Just would like to see some more natural lines. Hope Brage has some nasty ones...
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 So many internet athletes complaining it's not raw enough. Fair enough to say you'd like difficulty of line to be weighed higher than tricks in the scoring. But anyone implying the course is too smooth, and "just a slopestyle course with a better view" needs to stfu. I've been to both Crankworx Whistler and Rampage, and they are not even close to the same thing. Rampage lines are beyond f*cked when you see them in person.
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 Hearing everybody here and seeing the success of some progressive edits like B-rage, the 50/01 crew or rip Jordie Lunn AF, I think, Red Bull needs to re-evaluate this competition. Sure it's gnarly and the riders are gods but it's also getting old and it lost the excitement from the beginning. The judges evaluate the difficulty of line, air amplitude, control and fluidity, tricks and style. I believe there is a big one fundamental missing and it's creativity or progression. It would force riders to reinvent themselves instead of polishing the same old recipes.
The key moments in rampage history were always the introduction of new elements but the judgement fail to recognize that.
Also it would not hurt to try new riders and new venues. I know Red Bull has been looking for other venues but I'm not sure they were enough open-minded to embrace something different.

I would like to see more mx, bmx, skate influence, more raw terrain. Could we see some grinds, fakie, caveman, half/full loop, wall ride... we've seen glimpse of that in the past but they fade because they don't score..
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 Red bull wants somewhere that looks impressive in photos. Rolling out buffed generic jumps that allow riders to 'go big' with a cool backdrop is basically what they dream about...
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 @Linc: You have ZERO clue what you are talking about...I would love to see any one of you nay-sayers hit even the smallest lines on this terrain. Until you stand on the takeoff of these features, you don't know anything about the scale, exposure, or the risk involved. Keep talking're good for a laugh.
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 @giantcop: this has nothing to do with it being hard or not, it’s just that’s it’s hard in ways that many mtbers don’t care about.
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 Super stoked for Rampage, as always. Can't wait!

I can't believe all the entitled little brats here who think they get to decide what the riders build. They build what they want to ride. If you want to build/ride something else, just go f*cking do it and stop whining. Unless it's you chucking yourself off a cliff for others' entertainment stfu about what they should or shouldn't do. "Rampage is slopestyle" ffs, some people have zero clue. Same crying every year for the last 19 years from a loud minority, yet Rampage is still here, still getting better and still the crown freeride event of the year.
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 Fair to say the meaningful difference between this and any other slope comp is the penalty for going off your line.
That’s enough to have always made this comp stand out.
Keep it coming!
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 Funny how those few shots of Storch's bike make it look small and 'old school' compared to most DH rigs these days. Goes to show how fast the bike industry is progressing technologically since that bike isn't even that old.
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 Just natural riding noises - love it. No cheesy edit music over top. Must be just unreal to ride there with a few others in absolute silence like that. Props to the riders ! Send it!
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 I cannot believe anyone would talk shit about Rampage and the riders "manicured" lines. This is by far my favorite event of the year; so stoked for everyone involved!
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 That black Canyon frame?¿?
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 New torque
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 Random but it’s interesting to see what footwear some of these guys wear, you’ve got a couple of people wearing vans! Presumably they must be pretty good to ride in…
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 I believe vans have BMX specific soles - i doubt they're wearing regular sk8-hi's with the big impacts! My feet would cry or snap in half, probably both.
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 How are they doing it on those tiny wheels?? Can’t wait to see some nose wheelies!!
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 Those who can, do...Those who can't, comment on Pinkbike.
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 when i watch MX freeding, its all natural lines and rarely... any building. why cant mtb freeriding events be like that.... one or two lines that everyone rides and throws down their own creativity.
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 ok... I get it... Rampage is an extreme slopestyle event.. and I'm cool w/that
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 Trust Semenuk to be the 1st to flip it !
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 Remember when Adolf Silva did that FREEEEKING massive jump of the side of the mountain in 2018?? well non of that this year I bet. to dangerous, no one wants to risk it anymore.
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 Some of those guys are pretty good bikers.
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 I agree. I think whoever is the best out of all of them will win.
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 These guys rip.I9 hub whizzing is annoying till floating big hits like this...
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 Wait, is Nico Vink riding or is he on someone's build crew? It kinda seems unfair if he's on someone's build crew.
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 Vink is a judge and has been for a number of years
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 When vink here's that riding is getting too sick and is getting too many social media views, he dons his super flannel and flies out to rampage to judge these peons who don't know how to keep the stoke real and pure for the children. Rumour has it that you can summon him by saying things like "this is gonna go viral," he will then appear unwashed, soaked in trail dust, to enlighten you on the error of your ways. You should be born pure, with rich parents to support your art.
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 Norbs you know the rest
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 Looks sooo siiic. Way to send it fellas
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 More guinea runs, please. This rules.
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 Nell for the win! Keep it local.
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 Hubs that sound like drones and drones that sound like Hubs.
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 So Semenuk on a slash or remedy?
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 I believe its a Session just with a Zeb up front.
  • 23 3
 Top fuel
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 @wilsonians: upon further review I believe you are correct.
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 @Korbi777: pretty sure it's a procaliber with a custom swingarm
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 Looks like a Session
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 @wilsonians: More like a super Ticket S?
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 Might as well roll out the resi super ramp at the bottom.
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 who loves a Rampage!
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 This is now a full on slope style on dirt and bike bikes. BRING BACK THE REAL RAMPAGE!!!!
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