Video: Flat Out After Work Shredding in California

Jan 17, 2021
by Samuel Maliska  
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Took an afternoon off work with my guy Tom Bermudez to take a rip down Mile, one of our favorite local tracks in Pacifica. Conditions were epic post-rain and Tom killed it on his first go filming with a gimbal setup. After a few hours of hike-a-bikes and camera experiments, we determined that we'll need to bring at least 10x the trail snacks next time around.

"Winter" in California is rough Smile


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 Been awhile since I've ridden it, but shouldnt Boy Scout start right after that clip ends? That trail has got some of the gnarlier features I've seen in person. Buddy broke a rib on it once if I recall correctly.
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 yes and yes i was surprised not to see the boy scout jumps
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 @jofn00 @p1nkbike: it does! Always fun, just decided to shoot Mile alone for this one.
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 @p1nkbike: Would''ve been cool to see.
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 i broke a rib there in november... a few victims this year.
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 At first I thought it said Sal Masekela and I was stoked but this video was great so I'm not too bummed out about it.
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 Changing username now hahah
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 @akoukov, I thought the same thing. That being said, its great to see some clips of the old stomping grounds
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 @phastlikedatnascar: why? keep your name. It's your name. I wish I'd never went on random names & just used my own.
Plus, Sal's a good dood & guessing people won't get the two of you confused anyway?

oh, rad riding, too.
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 @valhallascott: Lol I was just kidding man. Phast life 4 ever
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 @phastlikedatnascar: no worries, keep ripping
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 I tried to reach into my phone and adjust his goggle strap
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 Definitely moving fast
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 The Crack is whack. Thanks for the memories.
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 That looked a little bit faster than when I rode there last week Wink .
Nice flow on that trail!
I like XXX more though.
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 Good job man, that trail is tricky for me. You made it look easy.
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 Mile is a fun track. Suspension is your friend on Mile.
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 way too short!
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 God damn that was nutty fast
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 Because the video was slightly sped up.
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flag Snowytrail (Jan 18, 2021 at 10:27) (Below Threshold)
 @Blownoutrides: Watch the rocks settle at 0:01 and 0:19, just a bit fast, also, the jump at 0:33, he comes down too quickly. I am not saying he isn't really good at sending it, blasting the turns, etc. It's just a bit quick, listen to the sound as well.
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 @Snowytrail: I edited this. Zero speed adjustments. Maybe it’s time for an optometry appointment.
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 Damn thats a nice run! Whats your rebound set at on zeb? Also low speed/high speed compression I ride there too
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 I don't think that information would help you as much as you think it would...
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 Great video Sam. Fun to watch a local shredder. Ripping fast.
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 10X the trail snacks? Sounds somebody got the munchies
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 I freakin burn broh
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 Waterfall on Mile is a legendary section. Bay area’s best trail.. Santa Cruz too far for weekday rides
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 I'm about to head out to UC and it's going to be Disneyland bike park kinda day. Ugh.
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 Poor excuse. Just move to Santa Cruz. You won't even need a home. Just show up.
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 @hellanorcal: gotta move into the meth camp for free
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 Santa Cruz County sucks. Don't bother!
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flag nvranka (Jan 17, 2021 at 16:09) (Below Threshold)
 This is the bay areas best? Yikes, feelsbad
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 @newbermuda: Which one? There are a lot to choose from
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 @nvranka: LOL - It's not, but it has a special place in local's hearts.
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 Funny how the lowest ranked campus in the Univ. of CA system is now reguarded as "UC" when Berkeley, Irvine and LA have better legal local trail systems.
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 @siderealwall2: obviously you’re kidding but I was a Slug until I was asked to no longer be...
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 Good Sounds.
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