Video: Flat Out Weekend Shredding in 'The Office Worker'

Dec 26, 2020
by Toby Barnhill  
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On weekends, after a week of undeniable restlessness and a lack of motivation, what more could you want than to let loose on your local trails? Joel Kristensen shows us just how that's done in our latest edit ‘The Office Worker’.


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 Thats the first time I have seen anyone riding with their water bottle in that spot! What a stupid place for a water bottle. All my Banshees have the mounts there and its really annoying. Kinda makes me have to wear a bladder on my back.
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 Yep. Its the worst. I have a Banshee Rune with bottle mount there. I have to get the camelbak podium dirt series with a lid so I don't drink dirt. They work great, but I'd rather have it inside the triangle. Plus, I've lost a few water bottles because that position is inherently less secure...
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 @bhuff: I use that bottle too, works well at keeping dirt out!
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 the one benefit of that mounting position is that it's a good downtube protector (?)
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 His brain has been fried by the inner workings and micromanagement of the office at last!!!
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 No need for water during a quick ride after work Wink
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 Maybe the water bottle location explains the "Locally Hated" decal on his rig. haha
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 Nice edit, that trail looks like a blast! curious what knee pads those are?
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 IXS Trigger
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 Can confirm that these are the IXS Triggers Smile
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 Can confirm. That trail is a blast, rode it Christmas day although it's a bit overgrown at the moment in a few spots.
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 Can ride
Can’t drink
can’t wrestle

Love dad
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 Sounds like you want a rematch in maccas carpark...
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 Slappin' butts in the office, slappin' rutts in the forest. Yeah Joel!
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 Not a whip or wheelie to to seen!
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 @sendinit: where is this?
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 Wollongong - about an hour south of Sydney
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 Those are very large wheels, but I like the forest.
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 is it just me...or did he not do anything cool?
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 He rode his bike, that’s pretty cool
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 I mean it felt fast
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