Video: Flips & Tricks on All Sorts of Bikes in a Skatepark Session with 10-Year-Old Harry Schofield

Mar 18, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesI recently met with Harry Schofield at the Base skatepark for a session and was blown away by his talent. His confidence, energy, enthusiasm and just general stoke to ride was amazing but more importantly, his ability to shred on ANY bike was mind-blowing. In my opinion, he has a bright future in either MTB or BMX and I can't wait to see him progress.

Thanks to Harry's Dad for letting us film and we home to make some more videos in the near future!
Tom Cardy

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 That kid has one bright future ahead of him. Hopefully he doesn't burn out early.
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 Yea hopefully he can just do his thing and enjoy it before any pressure to perform starts to build on him. Its easy to see a 10 year old like him and just assume if he can do all these tricks now that he'll be 10x as awesome when he 18 or 20 years old and be the best rider in the world. But we have to remember that progress isn't always linear. Just because he is killing it and doing things other riders don't do until they are many years older, doesn't mean he will always be 10 steps ahead of his peers. At some point his talent curve will likely level off while other young riders his age will advance and ultimately close the gap.
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 WHO: Stay inside!
BMXers with a good indoor bike park in town: Ok...
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 @WAKIdesigns How's the coronavirus doing in Fiji
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 Only us old folks have to worry !
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 unfortunately they closed our indoor bike park. It should be sparkling clean when they reopen it though!
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 The amount of hours one has to clock in order to do these tricks with that amount of style is unreal. If he's only ten, Harry must've started when he was a twinkle in his dad's eye.
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 i was in there when they were filming this (can see me ride past near the end when theyre chatting lol) so sick to watch this lad shred first hand! he is just so smooth, fearless and full of energy. got a very bright future
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 The future of E-bike right there!!!
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 Kid shreds any bike. Check out tea and biscuits if you haven’t yet, for some proper mtb trail shralping. Bright future
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 I'm not sure, but i have a strong feeling that might have been sick. *fistbump*
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 Kid is a unit. He's sort of like a bonsai Kyle Strait.
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 Don't be scared, just send it!. Somebody get Harry some Pit Vipers stat!
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 He’s taking over the internet , good lad !
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 Kids a badass!
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 The talent tho!!!
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