Video: Florent Payet Begins Building Reunion Island's First Bike Park

Jun 22, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  
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Words: Flo Payet

Welcome to Reunion Island, A small piece of land in the middle of the Indian Ocean that provides some crazy places to ride. It can be windy and rainy at times but for the most part, it's extremely sunny and hot This tropical French Island has everything you need right at your fingertips to develop a state-of-the-art MTB facility.

Born in 1986, I left my home soil in 2004 to compete in my first international Junior season and help put the Reunion Island on the map when it comes to mountain biking. 16 years later, after building my own way through the World Cup Circuit, I am back to live here with my family, wife and friends.

Building this line from the top of the mountain to the sea with my mates is a kid's dream and we decided to start it before I flew into Europe for my 17th World Cup season with the Scott Downhill Factory team.

With only a small budget but big motivation we believe we can create something special. The first kickers were shaped last month with the help of close farmer's friends on this beautiful side of the Island.

The project of The Storm Rider team managed by Flo Payet, is born.

bigquotesThe goal is to show that we have a crazy place to build tracks and that this island could be a giant MTB playground.

Also with the help of a few small sponsors, we started to shape and make a small teaser 100% locally with Black Duck Productions. Have a look at it and let your imagination go wild for a track down to the sea with huge jumps, and lots of air time for the first double black of this future bike pack.

Of course, this project will take time, and need money so if you want to participate and help Reunion to develop crazy tracks and became a famous place to ride, feel free to join and help the foundation to finish this track as soon as possible. Here is a small preview to feel and taste the potential of this place.

Thanks to everybody involved in this project, Storm Rider and Lebon’s family, Madlaps, Black Ducks production, my girlfriend Anne Faustin and the shapers who helped create this beauty - Theo Gauvin, Etienne Hoarau, Vany maillot and the maestro of the 40tones Moise Cuvellier.



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 To feature absolutely no poles marking the edges of the track!
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 Cedric Gracia would tell you they are the least of your concerns. Still makes me shudder...
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 @Caza1232: the video/crash I believe you are referring too was such a simple wash out that everyone has done before, just with the worst outcome. Thats what f’ed with my head the most
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 You gotta have balls for that
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 Beat me... Was going to say must have taken some balls....
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 Kudos to Flo. If I were him I'd still be sitting on a very comfy cushion, feeling very sorry for myself.
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 Getting to Reunion Island is a tough nut to crack! Flew from South Africa a few years ago and I had a great time. Amazing riding on volcanoes, gorgeous scenery and nice beaches. If you get the chance go to Reunion.
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 ballsy move!
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 Reunion Island is mint, I was there for the Mega, what a place!
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 Had a few weeks working out there so couldn't make the most of it but it looked like the life. Apart from the sharks....
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 I've been to Madeira and can't imagine it's too dissimilar, absolutely incredible! But the issue is getting there! Madeira has a big airport, and easy access, but from what I've seen, Réunion has to be flown in on a prop plane?
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 No, La Reunion is serviced by regular planes daily from Paris. Funchal is the more difficult airport actually, even though they extended the runway on stilts into the sea a while ago the approach can still be bumpy and flights may be diverted to land at nearby Porto Santo instead when winds make the landing too dangerous, meaning you have to take a 2 hour connecting ferry. Main problem is that Reunion is pretty far from anywhere that has a mountainbikery population, being a couple hundred miles east of Madagascar and 11 hours flight from Europe or 4 from South Africa.
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 That's knuts! Payet forward.
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 tremenda mierda de video no?
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 Lots of work, sounds like a pain in the balls
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