Video: Flow Trail Trains with Peter Ostroski & Friends

Oct 23, 2020
by Joshua Bogardus  
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Loon Mountain Resort, one of the most premiere and well known resorts in the Northeast has recently opened a full service Mountain Bike Park to become a year round outdoor recreation destination. As a leader in Winter Terrain Park design and with one of the most dedicated snowboard communities in the region, it is no surprise that the public has high expectations for the newly designed bike park. This video project sheds light on the current status of the bike park and showcase the fact that Loon is becoming a true “must visit bike destination” that riders of every skill level can come and enjoy.

Riders: Kevin Sweeney, Peter Ostroski, Chris Lewando
Directed & Edited By: Josh Bogardus
Additional Filming: Chris Goodhue


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 Northeast what?
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 USA - New Hampshire - looks like it's about an hour north of Highland Mtn Bike Park
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 @defconfour: A little closer than that but yeah, same general area of NH.
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 @gally-nh: Other side of WinnepeSAWKEE
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 That exhaust pipe...
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 More bike parks everywhere please
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 Nice to see the the good times rolling in the NE Pete!
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 ya boys!
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 booooooooooring looking trail. stop building shit like this. ugh.
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 Plenty of steep gnar up this way to ride stud.
If the type of trial in the vid offends you enough to spray your un-solicited ignorant opinion, chances are you wouldn’t be able to hang anyway.
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 @elsinore: I’m well aware; i’ve spent my share of time in NoCo “hanging.” But this article ain’t about that. Every new bike park debuts a trail like this that might be appealing to tourists and newcomers, but has nothing to offer upper level riders. If this is the “current status of the bike park,” I’ll say it again: I’m bored of it.
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Well good for you, maybe stop spraying about it then.

What you don’t get is that these trails for ‘tourists and newcomers’ are what allows everyone else to have the rad expert trails and gnar as they pay the bills. These easy bike park trails are literally built by the same people that build the shit you like to ride and brag about riding. You don’t have one without the other.
Get it now?
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 In addition, I'm glad I live in a world where I can go to a bike park for the first time and get kitted to heck with a fancy bike and ride green trails. Nothing wrong with that if you're having a ball. It all has to start somewhere.
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 @elsinore: Nailed it.

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