Video: Follow Along on Tito Tomasi's Adventures in Mexico in Episode 2 'Las Americas'

May 19, 2019
by Tito Tomasi  
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Episode 2 –
Mexico mainland, searching for the best trails and discovering a beautiful country.

Toluca sunset session.

The prologue of the trip was in southern California, that's where we prepared our van and dialed in our bikes and equipment. But the real beginning of this incredible adventure was when we drove through Baja California in three weeks, making the most of this unique place. Biking and surfing, we discovered a nice place and were stoked by how friendly the people are. We eventually crossed the sea of Cortez and went to Michoacan to surf a couple of weeks. That's where this episode starts!

With this trip, we have decided to do some cleaning along the way and collect wastes on the beach and more. While on the coast it made sense to help the local campground with some informative signs. But at some point, we had to leave the coast and go!

We started with Morelia's area, a beautiful and calm mountainous region. It was great to be back on the road, to be amazed by the landscape on every corner, enjoy the sunset in the mountains and find some epic camping spot for Sam our camper van. We visited a few great places, cities, and villages but the most interesting was Morelia. I loved the contemporary art center in the art school, with a fascinating mix of influences. However Mexico got its independence around 1813, the construction remains and the religion is still there, but the culture today is an interesting melting pot. Mexican modern painting is a fusion of religious aspiration and indigenous culture. This culture has shamans, icons and crazy customs, all together it creates a colourful and vibrant vision.


From the beginning, this volcano was high on the list, I knew the place was epic. We are happy to discover it and drive to the end of the road, staying at 4000 meters with the van for a few days was so nice. We had time to explore the place and enjoy the calm of the mountain every evening.

Aside from the calm atmosphere, the riding was good but not so calm. Fast, slippery and unpredictable! I really had a blast on the slopes of that mountain and manage to ride the down the entire mountain while Charlotte was driving the van to the bottom of the valley. What a cool day! Starting from the crater, looking at the two lakes, Sun and Moon, drifting in the volcanic sand to enter the pampa. Then some dry forest trails before the humid one, the field and the furnace of the lower part!


A proper road trip will always be a good mix of culture and riding, and having the chance to visit Teotihuacan geological site is rad. This site is an old city with sacred places, pyramids, temples and celebration sites, with it's secret and mystical feeling. The next morning we had the incredible luck to feel the Teotihuacan site from above, flying in a balloon. A memorable moment, with excitement and emotions. We were doing a lot of visitors right during one of the biggest event in the country, La Semana Santa, the holy week is actually a two week holiday. During that period the people meet their family and enjoy themselves, they visit touristic places, have parties, fest, ... So we were really into that atmosphere!


The next chapter will take place in another part of Mexico with a higher volcano, local rider and some driving to the north.

Muchas gracias


Thanks to my partners @rossignol @julbo @foxfactory @urgebikeproducts @raceface @Royal-Racing @fabric @clifbar

Solo mission under the Toluca summit.

Going to the pass at 4300m.

Sun lake.

It's all about that volcanic dust!

Getting there was epic.

Morelia's sweet market.

Michoacan has been nice with incredible weather and good swell.

Strong and simple, perfect for a trip like that.

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