Video: Follow Cam on Mount Seymour Classics

Jan 26, 2022
by NOBL Wheels  

Max McCulloch follows Nic from VANCAN on his home turf.

Follow Cam: Max McCulloch
Wheels: Nic rides NOBL TR37s with Industry Nine Hydras
Trail Association:

Regions in Article
Mount Seymour


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 Love VanCan's YouTube channel. Still waiting for him to drop details on his new ride though.
  • 20 2
 Thanks! Tomorrow morning!
  • 9 9
 I'm so looking forward to ride most of this in the summer! I have to pray to Steezus for no wildfires! I can take a Pfizer right in the Penis, just make it happen!
  • 5 0
 @nicz: That's exciting! My guess is that you bought the Knolly Chilcotin, because it shreds and has an alloy frame. In your last video, you REALLY didn't sound stoked on carbon - and understandably so after multiple cracked frames on the Specialized and the Evil. I totally get that sentiment and have been feeling exactly the same for a couple of years now. I just want that peace of mind that only a burly, high-end alloy frame will give you. I've been chasing that "no worries, just shred" setup for quite some time now.
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 @Muscovir: Don’t forget a Transition Patrol or Spire alloy.
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 @nicz: Called itSmile Cool to see Knolly onboard as a sponsor!
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 Such a fun lap! Great riding Nic and Max.
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 I second this!
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 Oh yeah, this lap is a classic! Was great to see Empress is still causing the white knuckles.
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 Guess they win the skinny challenge.
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 I really love Nic's videos. His channel is the only one I regularly watch.
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 these trails look so good. never ridden them but seem like just enough chunk/chatter/technical features to knock you off your line but not too much so that expert riders cant flow through all of it with good speed. so fun to watch
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 Nic FTW! Classic run! And you make the Empress rock look so easy! Thanks for sharing!
  • 5 1
 how i wish i could ride what and how Nick does!
  • 6 1
 I wish I could ride like Max, he’s so fast.
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 @nicz: Yeah, Mr. manual hey?
  • 4 0
 that leg in the air was so much scary! pure confidence right there
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 Videographer pops sick wheelies, I feel that -ish, man! That's what I'm working on too!
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 Sick riding!
  • 5 0
 OG trails still rule.
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 Their riding was amazing. I'm sure some of those features are crazy hard and they made it look so easy. Those trails look like so much fun!
  • 3 0
 Hit that really steep roller ramp with too much speed the first time and nearly wet my pants!
  • 2 0
 i've come down that a couple times riding the top tube
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 Man I wish I had trails like Corkscrew and Boogieman where I live.

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