Video: Freeriding a Quarantine Dream Build

Oct 24, 2020
by andrew vincent  

Without work, shuttles, and responsibilities we had a lot of free time this spring. Rather than let it get us depressed we saw it as an opportunity to build the features that we always wanted, but never had time for. Inspired by classic freeride movies and fueled by classic rock, we set out to build the features we had been talking about for the last decade.

The Quarantine Roll

Speaking Moistly

Slowly coming to life

Wet days building

Floating through the ferns

Thank you to everyone who helped.

Video by @_dmcpherson_
Photos by @laurakean
Riding by @aaandrewvincent


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 Shout out to Dr. Dank with custom trail signs!
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 10/10 edit. Wicked trail and great motivation for me and my crew to build something new now that our old jumpline got 2020'd.
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 2020'd ... great phrase in these times
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 Quality tune, quality vid- love a bit of the crue
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 Awesome builds you made in that forrest and props for riding them! Gives me that New World Disorder feel and makes me remember of the great times where it was all about airtime and not about being a couple of seconds faster. Keep up the great work!
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 Hahaha awesome!!
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 I can still hear the freehub......
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 Andrew crushed these builds!! So fun to film
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 Cool Video with a classic Motley Crue song! I like the before after photos.
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 Love it!
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 I just assumed nathan built these feature when i saw them in the flesh.. great work
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 Sick dude! Thanks for the fun features!
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 For once I know where the jump in the video is ahaha For the rest...great stuff!
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 Fun times! Incredibly well built trail. Nice work gents!
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 Looks legit!!!! Nice filming too!
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 I recently saw that the take off of Speaking Moistly was dismantled. I'm guessing it was the land manager?
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 metro maybe? don't think parks controls that area but the main enforcers are parks and the metro/district of north van.
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 @monsieurgage: ya, it looked like it. They left it in a mess on the ground, which seems to be their style of decommissioning. I was trying to be vague so the area wasn't too obvious.
Although, my first thought was, "oh, now it's in my realm of capability." ha.
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 @axelerate: thing is that that stuff is so close and low that it is an easy target for metro. trick is not to build structures but use a pile technique of logs->dirt shaped to function e.g. bridge or jump which makes it harder for enforcers to destroy because they would be digging up huge piles of wood and dirt. also it bends in a lot better. toss on moss around the key features also helps contain moisture to prevent erosion and disguise it.
...this is all hear I am told...I do not build illegal trails...I am good boy
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 Everyone in the pinkbike videos is always on a 2021 unicorn bike!
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 Nice one Vinnie! Features look awesome, and sick riding as always!
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 Damn man, good work. Building that stuff is no easy task.
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 Yeah buddy! ????
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 Nice builds!!!

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