Video & Photo Story: Freeriding in the Andes Mountain, Chile

May 14, 2021
by Claudio  

It's our dreams that keep us alive and the thought of freeriding in the Central Cordillera de los Andes has always been something we've been passionate about.
 Our adventure began with the cold an autumnal April afternoons where after managing the corresponding permits we were able to escape a little from the hustle of the city to go into one of the arms of the Andes Mountains to live an unprecedented adventure.

The first night camping became a mixture of strange sensations, on the one hand to leave the confinement and be in a completely natural place are an incredible payment which many of us missed in these months of quarantine. On the other hand and not least was that the next day we would begin the first day of shooting, our plan was to leave with the first lights that appear on the mountain to finish with the sunset, what a day awaited us!

bigquotesI have always been motivated by the union of audiovisual work and mountain bikes, somehow I feel that we help to motivate young guns to take their bikes and enjoy the tremendous mountain range we have.
Since I was a kid I used to watch videos of the greatest riders which are a big part of my motivation to keep growing and never stop learning.

By bringing this project to you I feel that we can contribute something to the development of this beautiful sport and the brands that support us.
Pablo Hobon

The first light of the morning is always the most inspiring thing to watch, especially when you are in a high place that allows you to have a wide view of the Valley. The mountain range always surprises us and enjoying the sunrise may be some of the simple things in this life, but one more thing to be grateful to live for.
So we grabbed our shovels, rakes, loaded our cameras and after a conversation we made our way into the foothills.
The goal was to look for places to freeride and we found more than that.

bigquotes3 days and 2 nights of high mountain, where we could enjoy a good campfire, food and a well deserved KROSS to end the long days of work. The days started when the sun came up and ended when the sun went down, night fell and the cold started, the campfire was lit and the food was prepared. That was when we would plan what was to come the next day. To flow and coordinate our path with Pablo was by far the most complicated thing, it was difficult, but we made it, without a doubt a very nice experience, the happiness was a lot for the little we had at that moment, Claudio Olguín and Pablo Alarcon were in charge of capturing every moment and every smile, Cracks!

I thank Pablo Hobon for inviting me to be part of this project, I also thank all the brands that support us to make this a reality.
Felipe Agurto

Peace and silence reign in the mountain range, the birds sing and can usually be heard fluttering very close, the curiosity to know what we are doing attracts them to us. Every now and then you can hear muleteers bringing animals down from the mountain, the cold and snow are coming and it's better to keep them in places where there's less cold.

The Andes is a magical place, full of things that have been explored and others that are unknown. For a long time we were seeing some strange shapes in the earth, surely they were made by the breeze that comes from Santiago and also by the water that falls from time to time.
There and precisely there is where we wanted to end our days in the mountain.

Nowadays times are complicated and to be thankful for what we have is the best, first of all we want to thank all those who in one way or another were part of this project, brands, sponsors, friends, family, etc. 
Without their words of support, comments and budgets everything would have been more complicated.


Rider: Pablo Hobon - Felipe Agurto
Video: Pablo Alarcon
Photo: Claudio Olguín Parra

Special Thanks

Extreme Zone
Pascal Sapunar


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 Chile is a dream place to ride, very underrated
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 And to ski - Amazing place!
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 Please stop using this song again and again and again....
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 Great vid and pics, but yes that song needs to be banned due to over use lol
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 Mark my words - we’ll see a generation of crazy good riders coming outta the Andes soon. The riding there is epic
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 Great Photos!
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 Buenazas las fotos
  • 1 1
 Aqui en EEUU hechando de menos a las montañas de Chile! Si no me equivoco, veo cerro el Plomo al fondo de la foto, no?
Bien hecho señores!
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 Grande compadre, el Plomo sr!!!
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 Wife is Chilean, I went once, DYING to go back!
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 @siete Claudio you are the south american photo master.. cheers
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 Tenemos pendiente uno en Cusco!!
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 Bueno bueno! Para la otra deben ir con su doc!
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 Para la próxima debes ir Nico!!
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 Bien escrito, bueno..
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 Sweet pics, nice work!

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