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Video: Friday Fails #228

Jun 24, 2022
by Pinkbike Originals  

Nothing like some fails to kick your weekend off on the right foot.

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 Came to see if biden made it. Dissapointed
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 You my friend deserved an upvote
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 Not John Roberts?
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flag NYShred (Jun 24, 2022 at 13:12) (Below Threshold)
 Sad individual right here... Wrap those chapped lips around that TrumPet and blow it hard.
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 @NYShred: I voted for Biden in the general (Bernie in the primary) but I still think people falling over on bikes is funny: it's the reason everyone is here on this page.
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 @NYShred: you lurk on this site for 9 years and this is your first comment... lol
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flag RedBurn (Jun 25, 2022 at 2:08) (Below Threshold)
 Biden is a fail everyday of the week, not only on fridays!
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 Fails are not awarded for senility or megalomania
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 I honestly feel so bad for him. Him and Jill just need to go to an island somewhere and live out the rest of their days in peace, and leave the leading of the country to people who aren't falling over every five seconds.
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 wow the fade to black at the end...perfect. The last clip was completely visible
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 Outside+ funded that! Couldn't have done it without their know-how and capital.
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 no kids
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 hahahah the best one in a while! so much carnage!
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 1:02... that's all poison oak at the bottom
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 i was thinking the exact same thing... so much poison oak.
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 My first thought as well.
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 I’ve done a similar maneuver that involved more me flipping end over end and less poison oak and that is exactly the reason I don’t ride exposure anymore.
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 Wow! Those are some strong fails.
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 At 3:12 when the dude put his arms up, all I could think was "You're not ok yet! Your bike is still falling, check on your bike!"
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 The theme this week appears to be how far a bike can travel once it is set free from the burden of a rider.
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 any reports how many died during filming this scarie movie :-)?
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 Its been a while since we have had a proper Friday Fails Fail. Actually makes me smile!
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 Ah the good old two-fer-one at 3:00.

Also that one early on, jeez that guy catapulted into next week!
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 Yes, that was one helluva high side. 3.00 best bang for your buck.
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 I'm sitting at home with a fractured vertebrae thinking that my crash wasn't nearly as bad as half of these. Ouch. Get well soon to you all.
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 Video should probably not be private - unless that's meant to be the fail
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 Here's your Friday Tip of the Day! When landing, it is best practice to keep both hands on the bars and both feet on the pedals. Use of the front brake during landing is totally unnecessary.
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 Props to the girl riding the skinny near the end. At least she tried.
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 Quality content this week. Bonus for the second clip-it's rare to see a Pinkbike fail that would also qualify as Jerry of the Day material!!
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 I recognize 2:35, that's the road gap at Snowshoe WV. I keep telling myself I just might do it. My son tells me it's much smoother than it looks. After today I'm not so sure about that claim.
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 It really is smooth! No idea how this guy messed it up that badly.
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 @business-casual: Yeah, neither do I.
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 @business-casual: Wondering the same, but I think he just kept his body position too high upon landing, causing the weight transfer over the front which gave way. BTW the gap is called Cupcake ;-)
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 I eyeballed Cupcake last year myself. It’s a lot bigger than the video gives it credit for. Yeah, didn’t hit it, but headed back in August and I plan to study it again. We’ll see…we’ll see.
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 @WhipNC: you got this! Finding somebody to tow you in really helps.
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 @business-casual: thanks, man! I’m a fan of the tow in for sure. Did that on our biggest local drop at a bootleg trail here and it definitely helps. Of course, still some pucker factor, but that’s progression.
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 this is why I never go riding on Fridays, can't fail if you miss out Fridays.
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 Lots a cringe worthy fails on the video and some epic idiocy in the comment sections ~ it's pathetic that people can't step away from the political cesspool long enough to participate in something / anything else. How's about sticking to discord or truth social and leave the rest of the BS at the door OR maybe the moderators can do their job and deal with off topic posts for once (Mike / Levy ... anyone?) ((waiting for the flame jobs and down votes, but whatever))
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 Funny that your complaining about peoples political comments and then making a political comment... Smile
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 @stiingya: Exactly! Oooh the irony!
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 Hurry up my boss isn't watching !
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 2:30 was the most brutal crash I've seen on here
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 I hope that guy can walk
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 Couple of them looked like someone threw a ragdoll down a trail..
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 Proof that you don't have to be on a bike to commit a Friday Fail...
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 Some of these were just good reminders to those people that biking is dangerous
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 Dude at 0:37 - Did you really think you had a chance?
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I'm watching and thinking no way - he's going to try to abort and crash anyways.

Maybe a last minute "Why not, I'm hosed either way?" decision.
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 2:05: "dude, where is my bike?! "
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 Faces of Death edition this week
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 the whole setting at 0:52 reminds me of paul basagotias crash in a way... if you don't know who that is, brace yourselves before you google him.
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 doesn't work
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 What hurts worse? The bruise on the back of your head from scorpion kicking yourself, or your ego?
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 Pretty significant carnage today. whew.....
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 Started watching and thought "Man, there are some good riders in here this week". Then I got to 37 seconds...
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 The best Friday fails in a long time
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 Fail of the fridays fails.... Nice !
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 1:06 are you glad you wear gloves?
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 the crash sound at 2:48 is golden
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 Points for distance
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