Video: Friday Fails #55

Feb 1, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

Another Friday, another fails reel. Ouch.

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 That dude coming in hot, hits a rough patch and plows his chest into a tree, damn worst fear right there
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 George, watch out for that treeeeee....!
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flag melodymaker (Feb 1, 2019 at 7:17) (Below Threshold)
 I think his bike needs to be set up...
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 the worst! those pine trees have sharp branches, makes me shudder
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 That's Colin Ross, He's an Irish pro, pretty sure the full video with this clip is on YouTube.
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 @melodymaker: Must have been yourself that set it up for him when he won Masters DH World Champs last year then?

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 For the record, I am not the friend that instantly asks, 'Oh! Are you okay?'

I walk over, pick their bike up, lean it against a tree (off the trail), giving the rider some space and easing their fears of a broken bike, while they sort out whether the body is broken.

This, I believe, is the more appropriate response.
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 Exactly. They don't *know* whether they're alright immediately after they come to a stop. (Or while they're still moving, in the case of some of these "Are you alright?"-ers.) Keep quiet, let the birds stop chirping, and give them a few seconds to sort themselves out first.
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 In Yorkshire here in the UK,everybody just pisses themselves laughing first,then start to consider how serious it maybe later
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 Time to sort it out is absolutely right: I once jumped up from a terrible crash and told my buddy, "Call for help right now! I know I'm really hurt, but I don't know where yet!" I turned out to be fine: mildly sprained wrist and shredded clothing.
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 100% agreed. Tomahawked myself into the ground pretty good over the last weekend, and my buddy came around the corner to find me on my back like a turtle. Said he asked me if I was alright three times with no response (rang my Bell pretty good). Was doing my physical inventory (no bones sticking out, everything aiming in the right direction, and so on) and slowly got up. Got to give the time to sort things out as @MtbSince84 mentions.
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 @jase111171: exactly. laughing never hurt anybody more than they already are. and if they really did get hurt, they won’t even remember u laughing.
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 @jase111171: ha! poor ba$tard.
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 @Nagrom77: yeah, time for system reboot and damage assessment.
Alive? Can i shout? Can move all my limbs? Pain anywhere? Blood anywhere? HEY, CHECK MY BIKE, IS IT OK?!! Can i stand up?
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 Agreed - but immediately after the "ah, SH*T!" it's pretty natural to ask "Are you OK?"

Especially if you're the one who talked your friend into trying it for the first time while you film it!
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 Give me a break @adamrideshisbike. It doesn't matter what question you ask of a downed rider, but you immediately ask a question to see if they are coherent. Then you help them up, get their bike, call for help or whatever is needed.
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 I mean, call me an idiot, but it always staggers me why you would take on a ten ft drop from a two ft run up...
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 youre an idiot
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 @billythegerbil: eh bud just doin as i'm told
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Lesson don’t leave your bike close to the trail edge for you buddy to get impaled on!
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 Title should be “Feel Good Friday” because these videos always make me feel so much better about my own riding skills.
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 Why do all of these remind me of me? Oh, never mind.
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 Ya because good riders never have bad/stupid/unlucky crashes.

My worst accident was after a 2-hr session on the biggest dirt jumps I've ever ridden; fell off my bike on the road in from of my house and was out for almost an entire year. Schadenfreude can be a real bitch...
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 1:35 - WTF?
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 I have so many questions!
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 He had to be wrecking before he got there, otherwise WTF indeed.
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 Trailbuilder should be sent to school for that ugly thing at 1:59. That gap with that "transition" then the corner right away. The only way that makes sense is if the trailbuilder is the guy holding the camera giggling to himself quietly.
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 Friday Fails isn't about riding fails it's more about trail building fails. Each week we are shown how not to build jumps and gaps.
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 is the guy at 1:28 still with us?
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 probably all around us
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 @bok-CZ: haha! (unless he really is)
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 i wonder if he has his spleen yet?. Lacerated mine on same impact.
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 When a broken femur is the _better_ outcome...
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 Please change it to "Monday fails". See it at Fridays it's discouraging for the weekend ride.
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 ...or a reminder not to go out of your depth too soon. That how I see it.
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 Man, that guys mom hit that tree pretty hard.
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 I almost choked on my apple!
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 Mountain bikers. Do more push-ups.
Some decent upper-body strength could probably prevent 50% of the crashes on the average one of these edits.
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 1:28 Ouch
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 that tree came out of nowhere
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 @cherbein03: Those trees can be sneaky sometimes
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 @N9netn9ne: it's a breed called Treeky
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 @qreative-bicycle: hahahaha
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 You guys must be lawyers cause there were so many cases this week.
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 If you wanna hit big stuff please slow down your rebound
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 Ride 26. Get rekt!
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 Face plant Friday!
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 Headbangers ball.
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 Hey, any chance you guys could put out a censored version? My four year old loves this series but I’m afraid it may be expanding his vocabulary...
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 Nice 'Ohhh shit' when guy whips so hard it causes him to crash at :30. The fist pump at :40 is also great.
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 Loving the arty ones that are trying to be a segment from anthill. Then it all goes wrong
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 If these guys don't laugh at their mates are they even real mountain bikers? ????
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 Oh shit. lol
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 Friday Fails, don't watch it , just try listening to it, hilarious.
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 3:15 - this jump must have claimed many bones and ligaments . Jesus...
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That kinda looked like a soft landing in those big ferns.
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 That was me, the ferns definitely helped
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 Skip leg day and work on arm day.
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 Ha!! If you have suspension on a BMX it is no longer a BMX! lol
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