Video: From the Lakeland Fell Tops to the Valley Floor

Jun 12, 2020
by DannyOC  

Photo By James Vincent
Photos By James Vincent

For me, this is mountain biking, fell top adventures and shreds in the woods. Fell Tops to Tree Tops is a short edit, filmed in the heart of the English Lake District.

Photo By James Vincent

Thanks to:
Nils Amelinckx for taking the time to shoot and edit this film.

Pace Cycles for keeping me rolling.

The trail builders for there amazing work!


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 They should use this video to promote tourism in the Lake District after lockdown. There’s so many amazing steep technical trails and plenty of pubs, cafes, restaurants and b&b’s too. A little slice of heaven. Nice edit.
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 Except those are footpaths and illegal to ride, not a great means for a tourism campaign.
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 @sessrider: Yes and no to that statement is a very grey wishy washy law. It is definitely illegal to ride on a pavement.
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 @sessrider: have you looked at when those trails were classed as footpaths? Hundreds of years ago before the mountain bike existed. Times change if we sit around and wait for the trail classifications to be changed we would have rode everything in a week or so. There are thousands of “footpaths” in England that haven’t seen a foot for long time.

Great video, captured what it’s like to ride in the lakes.
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 @mastershredder1: there's a reyt bugger of a bridleway on the Nan Bield loop that's probably not seen man nor beast in a long time.
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 @fatduke: I've only ever seen a guy on an ebike get up those bridleways on Nan Bield
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 If the lakes is anything like the peaks atm (eg post lockdown) the last thing it needs is tourism promoting! It’s overrun with chavvy urbanites abusing the fu*k out of it ????
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 IANAL though as far as I understand it comes down to whether a bike is considered "reasonable accompaniment" to pedestrian activity

MTB is not specifically prohibited from footpaths, but on the other hand bikes don't have a right to be there that is protected by law. So if the landowner makes it known that they don't want bikes there, then legally it could be trespass (a civil offence only punishable if damage is caused - though the tories are trying to change that which should be strongly resisted). Weirdly this puts bikes in the same category as dogs, or picnics: the defence for dogs and picnics being that these things are "reasonable" and hence permitted even if the landowner doesn't want them. It's a grey area whether "reasonable" applies to bikes - the intent of the legislation when it was created was arguably not to prohibit bikes, but obviously not everyone agrees they are as reasonable. Fortunately it's a moot point as many landowners (apart from some notable exceptions like the NT) don't object to MTB anyway.

All this should be reformed - Scotland already did it, Wales is doing it and England is lagging behind.

All that said the golden rule applies of "don't be a d*ck" and I'd say publicity videos of places with sensitive and legally uncertain access are on slightly iffy ground there. Nice riding mind Smile I love the Lakes though if I lived there again I'd probably be trying to justify an ebike given the number of steep climbs needed to reach the best riding!
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 @HF3: Yep totally agree! Up Helvellyn last Tuesday and spoke to an "urbanite" who was clearly not dressed/prepared for the occasion and he admitted they'd not climbed anything bigger than a flight of stairs before.
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 @bea5ty: Dont worry, they will soon open up the pubs giving these people somewhere to go!
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 Excellent, built an RC303 up, that has been in the shed for years, with a pair of RC41 forks a few weeks ago for the wife. Love Pace bikes.
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 You watch, F##k the Fells will have all those trails smoothed over in a year
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 Is the stat at the top of the Helm crag,Lion and Lamb?
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 Nice riding and and a well put together edit! Good work!
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 Yes Danny!!!
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 Cheers fella!
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 Nice one Danny and Pace
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 sure do miss riding in the lakes.
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 this is lakes! \m/
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 Very nice trail and film

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