Video: Full Highlights - EWS Rotorua 2019

Mar 25, 2019
by Enduro World Series  

Rotorua, set in stunning New Zealand, opened the Enduro World Series season. Riders attacked five stages, three of which were set in the famous Whakarewarewa Forest and other two in the Mountain Bike Park at Skyline Rotorua.

Isabeau Courdurier (Intense Mavic Collective) and Martin Maes (GT Bicycles) dominated to win battles in Rotorua.

MENTIONS: @EnduroWorldSeries


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 Maes will definitely be the man to beat this season, incredible performance!
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 You mean booth DH and EN right...
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 Isabelle has great drama. always gassed, talking about how hard it is while shaking her head. she's not too cool for school, and awesome to watch a tiny girl rip like that.
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 Isabelle Corduroy
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 looking forward to seeing that Maes Hill battle all year long
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 Hope that Dailly will be able to join that battle, that would be awesome!
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 There should be a series for people who just want to ride the tracks and not actually race because they all look awesome.
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 Ohhhh you should check out the EWS 100 and the 80 because I think those are for people who are interested in doing that Alternately, all track details are publicly available so you could literally do that pretty easily with a plane ticket & trailforks I'd think??
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 @lalalalaura: I think you’d need a lot of money and no job first but I’ll see what I can do. Thanks.
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 @thenotoriousmic: You'd get ~2 NZD per 1 GBP, even after the recent freefall as well, so at least the cost of living would be cheaper!
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 its called rich people, thats all they do is travel
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 did that haha. Confirmed tracks are actually pretty gnar in places and just sick in many others. Top of the last stage is dirty though.
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 borges, second place in two stages!!
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 don't speak about borges too much, or dave drumpmore will block you when you argue with him Borges on the photo Epic
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 O gajo aparece no resumo ao menos ?
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 @brajal: se piscares os olhos nem o vês, e apesar de aparecer o nome dele nas 2 pecs que fez segundo nem falam dele
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 Definitly a shame. A guy that took second in two stages doesn't get is name mentioned. Well done PB
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 Is it just me or has enduro become much more fun to watch than any DH race?
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 It's just you.
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 Thank you @EnduroWorldSeries for fantastic coverage!!
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 quality bit of editing always mint to watch
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 Those tracks look amazing! will need too get out to New Zealand next year!
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 All look forward to your coverage, well done and keep it up!
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 and that’s the way how to fix the electronics on your bike @6:40
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 Bex is hilarious, gowaan girl!
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 ....its as if nothing happened in 2018.
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 It’s the contemporary “tally-ho!”
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 You guys are going to CA. hahahha Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Stoked for bikes!
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 Awesome results for Remi and ALN!
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 What happened to Ritchie Rude? Was he not riding?
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 nope, look on the interwebs, some weeks ago he posted on instagram that he would not race NZ and Tasmania, until his situation is not clear, he prefers not to race, best thing to do on his current situation
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 Coming to you now, live, from under a rock!!!
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 Wyn chopping game
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 This was to little of so many things ,weak coverage,Grande Borges ,parabéns
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