Video: Full Highlights from EWS Ainsa

Sep 24, 2018
by Enduro World Series  

Dubbed the most physical race to date, the seventh round of the Enduro World Series threw up more than enough action to keep things interesting as the season nears its conclusion. Seven big stages played out in relentless heat amongst the trail paradise of Zona Zero in Spain, which saw even some of the biggest names in the sport struggle to keep bike and body together.

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 "I've been racing DH the past few weeks and maybe lost a bit of fitness"

OHHHHH! Mad Man Martin Maes with the sick burn! We need Wyn Masters or Claudio to come out with a new diss track asap!
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 taking the lift up'll do that to ya.... fast i guess
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 Drop me a beat...
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 Now Martin don’t be startin with a damn excuse
You got beat man, you scared to get a little loose?
Chirpin dh…one race and now you best in the game?
You’re fast man…but set aside your egotistical claims
Cause you’re always first loser but I guess second’s alright
Can’t even steal a win from Mr Polite
If you want a bad bet go and play some dice in an alley
But smart money’s on you to lose it all at Finale
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 "looking at this as a training week" Smile ..yeah thought he was going slower than usual
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 He was also quoted saying he liked DH but "misses pedaling his bike more" when racing DH, referring to the ~5:00 min (DH) vs ~50:min (Enduro) differences in a day of riding. Again I think just stating the truth, but def a sick burn too.
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 @Lanebobane: funny how people will hang on any word and make up their own reality isn't it. He got a top 10 in Fort William but skipped the next week in Leogang to train and he was given shit here in the comments. Then wins a DH and gets given shit for being fit. Then spends a month on a DH bike and and says it cost him some eduruo fitness. Just basic facts, yet somehow there are already comments calling him cocky or saying he's insulting DH, all inffered from one line of an interview?

Same guy that helped his rival fix a flat tire two days ago, and said he was happy to see Richie win one for Jared. Do you really think he's trying to make excuses or dis other disciplines?
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 That made me smile, especially when Cecile said more or less the same thing in her interview
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 @davetrumpore: You’re correct in everything you’re saying here. Maes strikes me as the perfect example of a competitive athlete, possessed with a proper sense of good sportsmanship. But that being said Dave... this is the PB comments section. Which strikes me as the perfect example of snarkiness possessed with a proper sense of bad taste.
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 @fattyheadshok: Yup... He is genuinely one of the friendliest/most personable riders on the circuit. Exactly the kind of personality you want to see at the top of the sport representing EWS and WC DH.
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 Does anyone else get annoyed when someone does a race and calls it a "training ride?" No, its a race.
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 @davetrumpore: Nope honestly the guy seems like a friggin beauty. Loves riding his bike and racing. Seems well liked by the racing community and it's super impressive that he can succeed at multiple disciplines. However, when battle rappin you gotta capitalize on your opponents weaknesses regardless of context or so I learned from 8 Mile lol
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 @orastreet1: No not anyone, just the people how easily gets annoyed with everything. Smile

Chill man. Smile
Learn how to spot the difference between a rib/banter and an insult.
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 sam through that s bend! FOOT OOT!
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 Glad I am not the only one who was in awe when he did that
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 Moto instincts kicking in!
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 Wow that was fast, nice work guys!
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 Fast work! Awesome job putting these out!
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 Great coverage as always, but I would have loved to hear some comments on THE tire-swap from the two main characters involved.
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 Yeah nah, got a flat and Martin helped me fix it, top bloke, appreciated it.
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 Nice work Rocky Mountain / Raceface on the team win... super solid overall team result!!
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 these folks are athletes....
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 Athletes in cycling, man! Go figure!
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 Instead of dissecting the rider's comments, how about the line that Sam Hill hits at 2:18?!? No one else saw that line (male or female), and he rode it out with the most speed. Incredible what he sees compares to the other riders sometimes... Richie practically hucks-to-flat in that section and still won the damn stage!
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 Wondering what is the easiest way to get to Ainsa if you're flying within Europe? Fly into Zaragoza or Barcelona and drive up? Looks like Bilbao is another 30 minutes away. I imagine there's noot sure if there's a train that would get to you closer?
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 Sure Zaragoza if you can access there otherwise Barcelona and a 3 hour drive. There isn't any train.
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 @malamadre: Thank you for the info. Definitely on the list.
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 Barcelona and Toulouse are the best airports coming from the states and both about 3 hours drive. From the USA you can direct flights to BCN quite easy from any bigger US airport, and the rental cars are cheaper in Spain as well. And you can begin/end your trip in beautiful Barcelona.

If you plan a trip and want some tips on places to stay or people to contact there shoot me a private message amytime.
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 Great content as always. The coverage is always timely, high quality and accessible. Really enjoy following along all season!
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 No Iago?
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 I'm sure that Richie had the petal to the metal thinking about his bro Jared.
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 Hill 128th back up yo 11th!! I reckon he only needs a top ten at Finale to take it.
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 Vital said he needs to be like 45 if Mae's wins to take the series.
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 Core-ha’s shredding!
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