Video: Full Highlights from EWS Val di Fassa 2021 Race 1

Jun 24, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesThe 2021 Enduro World Series is underway with the first round, supported by Met Helmets taking place in the beautiful Val Di Fassa Trentino. The series last visited the Dolomites back in 2019 where it was Richie Rude and Isabeau Courdurier who tasted victory. Rest assured that this year's racing was down to the wire with riders challenging for the win at every stage.GMBN


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 So Many new High Pivot bikes being ridden... statistically insignificant in race results. So stoked to see EWS action again!
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 The rider still wins - on a not high pivot - Will Pivot ever Pivot to a DW High Pivot?
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 @blum585: surely would be a pivotal moment if they did
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 They can’t stand idler by
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 When wyntv is way more entertaining than the race coverage !
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 Ok gonna have to put Tutti Fruiti on the bucket list. That Dolomite backdrop is outstanding!
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 For the second race on Saturday, are they racing the EXACT same stages? I would have hoped there would at least be 1 or 2 different stages....
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 Yeah, different stages would be better, but it'd also be a huge effort to tape other courses plan for medical access in case of a serious crash, etc etc. And that's assuming there's even enough trails in the area for it. I mean hosting a race is already a huge amount of work, much less set it up twice. You can see why they'd want to do it this way. It'll be interesting to see how this works out.
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 @kcy4130: For sure, I understand that aspect of it. Id figure they would reuse at least 2 of the stages. But if you think about it, not any different than past races that have had 5 or 6 stages, not to mention normal 2 day race weekends that almost always have different tracks. Idk about available trails in the area. I hope at least they run stuff in a different order to mix up the day.
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 @wilsonians: Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how it works. I was a bit bummed that dh didn't keep some double headers this year. It seemed to work decently last year tho they could use some tweaking.
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 They were going to but snow and blowdowns closed trails.
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 yeah, pay twice to ride the same trails.
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 Three top 10 women without factory support.
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 The race must have been savage although the coverage is boring.
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 Its frustrating this coverage after so many seasons still can´t beat the first ones.... They are not focusing where the action is trully hapenning... they can have as many commenters as they want.. but if they don´t move their ass and go and show us the huge huphill from stage 3 with all the suffering and drama involved there... this coverage doesn´t make sence at all.. it´s even boring for the guys that we are riders... can´t imagine if they want to export this format to the masses... go live and re-thing all the coverage from start... just my 2 cents as visual producer too. Bring some Cathro style in please, if this is for riders we need content for riders that motivates us. This content is completelly missing that...
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 I think that the main problem is the voice of the comentator, he looks like a nice guy, but his commentary is totally lacking energy and emotion. He has improved a bit from ths first races some long years ago, but still I don't think he should be in charge of that
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 Sam Hill knocking flat pedals?

Eat your heart out.
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 congrats to the winners ,and great result to Jose ,but showing him with a rider on is back is like what ?did he pass the rider or he is slow and make the other rider slow down ?thats strange video , but ok he is from a small country, cause if he was from a different country he will be mentioned like a star stay strong JOSE
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 Well at least we get some coverage. It would take Red Bull levels of money to film it like a DH or XC race.
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 New Devinci Spartan geometry sticker spills the beans! 90° seat angle, tire clearance for 29x4.8

"Full press release tomorrow"

Touché Devinci Beer
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 Its just like a massive gmbn sponsor commercial
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 Pretty fast producing this video the day after the race. If only the live timing could be handled by someone with the same precision.
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 Why do the commentators keep saying that Hill couldn’t travel last year because of travel restrictions when plenty of other Australia athletes did? If he chose not to that his choice but I wish the commentators would stop making out it wasn’t his choice
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 2 stroke engines the worst thing to happen bike supporters since the advent of bike supporters discuss.
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 i mean...the question is: why do organizers let dumbass with 2strokes chainsaw disturb the racers in key sections? without considering that they are annoying the rest of the spectators.
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 @alexmarengo: The chainsaws are there to not scare all the animals from way to loud free hubs #silentshubs4life
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 Great recap edit. The only thing that would make it better is incorporating some race-run POV into it.
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 Surely they can have a live stream video of stage finishes with live timing, and a couple commentators discussing the ongoing action in real time
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 These aren't video highlights anymore. And they don't even show or tell the actual stage results anymore either, just how the overall changes... what a waste...
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 Does Sam Hill have a new 100% helmet?
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 The specialized enduros 1st podium since ever?!
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 Double digits woo! Love the coverage
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 Thank you. I would love to be there and against myself next year.
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 Dick Payne
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 Richie picking up a Flint Tropics fan jersey for his kit. Looking slick!
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 Good stuff!
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