Video: Full Highlights from EWS Val Di Fassa

Jul 1, 2019
by Enduro World Series  

The MET Val Di Fassa EWS brought all the drama you’d expect from one of the series' most spectacular settings to date. Racers took on five big, physical stages in a single day, all beneath a searing Italian sun. And whilst some riders saw their dreams realised, for others, heartbreak ensued and it’s all change as we head into the last half of the 2019 season.

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 Well done to the Media crew for putting this together so quick Big Grin
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 Great cover: Indeed - not trivial!
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 Love the HIGHlights
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 Amazing edit and stunning location. Travel location wishlist - added!
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 Seeing Sam Hill riding corners foot out flat out just makes me smile everytime!
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 Me too!
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 Great coverage! Felt like I was there...oh wait, I was just there!! ha ha Seriously though, amazing quick turn around on that video production and good balance of action and insights from the racers. Those mtns are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen in my 50 years on this planet and sick to see the lightning fast pro's pinning it on the sweet trails there! Yahoooo!!
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 Eye injuries due to poor aim when opening champagne bottles are quite serious though. That could have been a career ending moment for Noga. Be responsible with that shit.
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 that was fkd up. where's the common sense ppl.
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I disagree. Normally I could care less but you're planting seeds here suggesting that this athlete is a cheater and you are tarnishing his reputation and credibility in the process. An alternative opinion is worthwhile reading.

Maes cut his leg accidentally. The infection got worse despite antibiotics and appropriate first line treatment. The drug treatment regimen was modified according to commonly used medical practice in that part of the world by unaffiliated volunteer physicians who have excellent reputations and nothing monetary or professional to gain from their volunteer work. One of the drugs happens to be a masking agent, not a performance enhancer itself. Thankfully the treatment for the serious, potentially life threatening infection worked and his leg healed. He tested positive for the masking agent because he, his team, and the physicians managing his care made an error that they have clearly explained.

I would not suspend him if I was part of the team reviewing the case. I would warn him and be done with it. I believe the UCI made a mistake and the EWS has caved beneath their governance, to the detriment of the athlete and the sport.
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 Your first paragraph is a pretty aggressive view of my power over anothers opinion or view. Your second one is absolutely a respectable view. Your 3rd, to have nothing but a warning, well I really shouldn't have to explain why this would be bad. Maybe it's better to argue the level of sanction, not that he was sanctioned. He had a masking agent in his system, that has a legal alternative There are a couple important facts that dont line up or make sense, we all have the option to overlook them, acknowledge them, and then make a view based on what we believe to be true.
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 @H3RESQ: sad man... ver sad man you are.
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 @H3RESQ: I respect your comments and looking at the bigger picture the incident “seems” as innocent as Richie Rudes offense. Allowing a pass could set a precedent for future people to cheat.
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 The coverage of EWS just keeps getting better and better! Val Di Fassa looks incredible, what a location. Rad to see Hill on the comeback, and hopefully raw aluminium bikes too.
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 That intro scene!!!
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 Will we ever get live coverage? I know it's a big ask for an enduro due to area covered, but would be amazing. This edit is great though. Re champagne Cork? Too close for comfort, that could have been VERY nasty indeed....
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 You guy know why Pinkbike doesn't mention the Mountain Of Hell Huge Crash during the start on ice. It is an Epic Moment of our sport and I've never seen somethink like this before!!!
Did you watch it?
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 Isabeau Courdurier is even more dangerous with a bottle of champagne than with a bike.

That said, I`m always impressed to see how such a tiny woman can handle such a big bike with big wheels. She is a beast!!!

Very happy for Adreane LN and her results.
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 Masters showboating on the jumps while racing. Nice.
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 seems like an amazing place to ride!!
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 That mavic shirt is pretty cool in the thumbnail anyone know where I can get those? Tried google but I can't shirts like that.
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 Good edit,
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 Riche rude on the special formula hahahahahahahaha you can just tell , hes like a soldier
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 I am already getting so tired of seeing armchair athletes making comments about Rude, Graves, and Maes all over social media.
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 Wyn Masters, top 10 overall! Happy to see him doing well. Every picture I've seen of him riding looks like he's charging so hard & of course love the WynTV!
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 Damage is done for me in the men's ,so I will transfer my enthusiasm to the women's racing from now on. Sad very sad
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 Hill pulled out the Aussie card there. What else can he do now?
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 6:54 somebody hasnt done thier helmet up. tut tut
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 Was Rude riding flats and if so, does he usually?
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 No wyntv at Andorra?!!
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 Sam. Hill.
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 What a dope result.....! ????
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 Let’s not forget Maes was owning everyone, so series win will have to include a *
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 Lets not forget Rude was owning everyone, so series win already would have an * for Maes? In case anyone else hasn't been keeping track since last year, Rude hasn't lost a race since the SB150 debut at Northstar EWS conti enduro...
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flag jozefk (Jun 30, 2019 at 21:45) (Below Threshold)
 @H3RESQ: sad cheater backer you are.
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 @jozefk: interesting take, I was just throwing out a fact that Rude* is just as, if not more dominant than Maes*.

*sanctioned EWS racers
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