Video: Full Highlights From the Les Gets Downhill World Cup

Jul 17, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Sit back and enjoy as Eliot Jackson presents the full highlights from a flat-out weekend in Les Gets.

bigquotesAn old skool track with new-age riders, Les Gets bought the goods at round 5 of the UCI World Cup this weekend! A bone dry track was quickly carved up by racers gunning for the fastest time and coveted top step of the podium. Eliot Jackson gets the low-down on rider's reactions.

Incredible riding in the elite women's race this weekend saw pocket-rocket, Tracey Hannah, secure the victory just 0.6 seconds ahead of Marine Cabirou.

Explosive action over in the elite men's race, as the best efforts of Laurie Greenland, Troy Brosnan and Greg Minnaar couldn't knock the Frenchmen, Amaury Pierron and Loic Bruni off the 1st and 2nd place, respectively, sending the home crowd wild in celebration as Pierron crossed the line in rapid style.
Red Bull

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 That’s really good content, like prime time sports quality content!!! For FREE!!!
I know people complain about the broadcast and everything all the time, but then you seriously did not watch freecasters 5 cameras 360p stream eight years ago.
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 Let me buy quad pack of RedBull to keep the show going Smile
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flag TobiasHandcock (Jul 17, 2019 at 23:29) (Below Threshold)
 The live stream is good but these edits are shit, the clips are butchered.
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 Agreed, that was an exceptional highlights...the best one they've done yet. I love how they incorporated the POV footage during the runs, and I thought how awesome that will be when we get that perspective during the live feed on race day! It's great having Eliot Jackson as part of the media program as well
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 Fair warning; don't watch this at work, you will be too pumped up the rest of the day.
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 Wish I would have read this 12 minutes ago...
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 holeebraaap! that save by #76 Theo Erlangsen. CRAZY!
  • 6 0
 So happy for Tracy! She has the overall in her sight now after so many years chasing it. She had her fair share of crashes and injuries and deserves the title as much as any other contender. Even though the "big three" are out, a win is a win and there's some good competition at the top plus some fresh blood coming (Vali Höll is gonna be BIG!).
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 amazing weekend at the races. if you don't love this, you simply don't love mountain bikes.
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 So true, if all races were this awesome I would be happily paying for a ticket. the alternative is Wyn Masters Privateer award.
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 I really hope there is a high turnout of fans when Snowshoe comes around in the states.
Just to spite the frenchiesSmile
Perhaps Gwin will be ready for a big win on home soil.
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 As much as I love Gwin it would be even more awesome to see Bruce Klein take his first win and take the reigns for the next 10 years. No offense to Norton, Shaw, Harrison, or Mulully but it seems like they've plateaued while Klein seems ready to blow up.
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 @thesharkman: What’s happened to shaw? He was on fire last year. Is he injured?
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 @thesharkman: I think Harrison is really on the rise. He was on a tear at the beginning of the season (4th place in Maribor) before picking up a scaphoid injury which has put him out for now. Hopefully he can get back to that form, he's still super young and I could see him really blowing up in the next couple of years.
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 @thesharkman: No way has Luca plateaued, he's just taking his time to get it right. He has Peaty and Greg as his mentor's, who know all about playing the long game. Luca will find his pace when he's ready.
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 @thenotoriousmic: He was injured at the start of the season...just needs time to get back on pace. And that pace is pretty high this year...
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 what is in the Evian at the moment? the french are taking over in serious fashion.
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 The weekend before in Andorra I saw them drink more alcohol than Evian on saturday night
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 Have you checked in the beer ?
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  • 3 0
 Great recap ! Go Frenchies !!!!!!
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 Wtf is up with not showing a full clip till the rider leaves the frame? They just cut out just before the rider hits a cool feature and then go to another clip, its so frustrating to watch.
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 Hey Eliot, what’s it going to take to get you to race again next year?
Just maybe on courses you feel like racing, not the whole season.
You know you want to.
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 That was some good racing!
  • 2 0
 great report...long live Chainsaw!!
  • 2 0
 Thank you so much Eliot; best report about Les Gets... so far. Wink
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 Les Gets looks like a rave, holy fuck race with this ambient !!!

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