Video: Full Moon Night Ride with Nate Hills in 'A Biker's Ballad'

Jul 30, 2021
by Matchstick Productions  

In this full segment from A Biker's Ballad you will experience a one of a kind moment with Nate Hills riding the incredible terrain of Hartman Rocks under a full moon. Mountain bike steep decents, big air and high speed single track are only some of the surprises found on the trail in the dark.

We love the Crested Butte and Gunnison Valley.

Full Film Available On Demand August 10th. Check our website for full film tour schedule.

Full film features: Richie Rude • Shawn Neer • Lauren Bingham • Nate Hills • Payson McElveen • Kate Courtney • Will Patterson • Reed Boggs • Nicholi Rogatkin • Ray George • Carson Storch • Casey Brown • Micayla Gatto • Georgia Astle

Shot on Location: Crested Butte, CO | Gunnison, CO | Downieville, CA | Virgin, UT | British Columbia, CAN

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 definitely a part of MTB people should really experience at least once.

that said, a "full moon ride" is kind of meant to be a low key, zero light thing. the point is for it to be a mellow ride with your buddies, navigating by *only* the moon light. the time for a night rip is actually a new moon. when the night is as dark as possible. blaze up 4-5000 lumens and let'r rip! such a rad sensation, and you will be amazed at how fast you actually(not feel) you are. the lazer focus on literally only the 30-40m of trail in front of you, and absolutely nothing else is freeing in a way you cannot describe to someone that hasn't done it.

all of that said, I also get why you can't film in absolute blackness. lol
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 Night rides: Guaranteed to make familiar trails new and exciting again.
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 Nice one, Nate. That’s the first time I’ve seen anyone ride West Wall at night. Makes me miss Hartmans a little.
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 Come on out let's ride some bikes
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 Nate hills Youtube might be my favorite channel right now, he rides great trails
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 My friends and I started doing night rides in the beginning of the pandemic to avoid trail crowds. It's been a weekly 22mi loop using headlamps for over a year now, the trails are so much more challenging in the dark when you're exhausted.
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 Where was Pete?!?!?
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 Love Nate Hills! Laid back and tons of skill. If you haven't checked out his YouTube content, you should.
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 You know you could just film this in daylight and do the night bit in post. Put a blue filter on and trace a couple of lights across the frame.
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 They did
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 He laid it down on drive side....
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 i like the doggie part
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 Hartman Rocks is Badass!!! so is Nate Hills
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 Epic Cinematography!
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 Shooting in the dark was no easy task. Nate Hills crushed the riding though and made it easy.
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 BOOM! Love night rides.
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 Cool stuff Nate..
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