Must Watch: 3 Full Top-to-Bottom Formation Lines from Hannah Bergemann, Robin Goomes, & Cami Nogueira

May 17, 2022
by Alicia Leggett  

bigquotesWhat seemed impossible 4 years ago has been more than achieved in the past few days! Red Bull Formation 2022 absolutely delivered. So many wild moments, these 3 runs are just a fraction of the insanity that went down!

0:00 Hannah Bergemann
1:25 Robin Goomes
3:04 Camila Nogueira
Red Bull Bike

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 The drone shots are so awesome for highlighting these runs. Really shows the scale of all the features.

I should also include: the riding was amazing
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Katie Lozancich‘s photos in the none paywalled B€T@ link are fantastic. Congrats to Katie Lozancich ,the riders ,diggers and organisers
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 Yep that video editing was great. I think rampage should be filmed like this, rather than making it live with aerial shots from 5 miles away so the features looked tamed down. We would sacrifice having it live, but realistically I don't think many people would care since they tend have large periods of downtime between runs. And ultimately it will stop me whining about how tame and manicured the runs are, cause we can actually see how friggen terrifying it is.
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 The drone footage really highlights the size of these features. I was amazed by how much it made me feel like I never want to ride any of them.
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 @ajaxwalker: Why can’t you have live drone footage?
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 You can.
They had it at last rampage.
It is a relatively recent development.
Dont recall it being top to bottom though. May be due to safety with more people around. Or maybe range for the is not that large yet. @mmarkey21:
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 @mmarkey21: I think they may even have that, although not the close follow cam. Not sure of the technical feasibility of it all, but would also take some editing to make it a quality vid like the formation one.
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 @ajaxwalker: Agree on the drone footage, shows the scale so well. You can get HD drone footage fed into a live feed so the best of both is possible - live drone and sick edits
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 This was a great edit, wanted to see more detail on the full runs. Robin's no hand'er drop @ 2:28 immediately into the jump was impressive
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 I kind of lost my mind when she threw that. And that lily pad move right before the sui?? So good.
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 @alicialeggett: yes! was that side saddle on purpose? Either way, great run!
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 @Burningbird: Yep, that's one of the tricks she does pretty regularly. She can land a backflip like that too! Check out this Audi Nines vid if you want your mind blown
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 @alicialeggett: Thanks for sharing - mind blown.
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 @alicialeggett: she has 1 foot flips down too.
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 Unreal. Cami's line up top was so raw. Hella buck, even my own butt was puckering!
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 ALSO. I just want to shout out Cami's nerves of steel. Right after that gnarly crash, she went directly back up to the top and dropped in again. She's really something else.
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 @alicialeggett: while watching to video of that run is that if I crashed like that I would 100% never ride that line again. One of the many reasons Im not a world class freerider
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 Rampage Begins. Back to the roots
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 Camila Nogueira's run had more natural terrain than last years Rampage. =)

Drone footage is good too, would be great to follow male riders as well (as long as it films the whole thing, of course)
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 Same, Camila's line from the top was so freeride it redefines freeride, can't believe she pulled it given the lack of traction on something so steep.
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 @aug7hallak: yeah, that's what I'm saying
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 Absolutely insane!!! The brakes must be melting...
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 @yoobee: I wonder what brakes she runs...solid endorsement there.
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 Robins run def stands out! I think they all did great considering the limited time to dig and practice and the dry ass, loose conditions. Kind wished it would be a longer 2 week process so riders could recover better and pick ideal times to ride.
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 Hearing the girls breathe while riding down shows how hard just making it down the hill is. The adrenaline and focus needed is wild. So exposed! I'd like to just walk that stuff. To ride it? Maybe not.
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 That was rad. I'm glad they included that in the mix. It's insane what they're doing. Hiking there is hard.
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Great work.

Thanks to Redbull for putting on such a rad event, to Pinkbike for great coverage & to all the ladies for freaking killing it.
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 Robin Goomes backflipping right after barely cleaning the step up deserves some more love! To get your head back together like that and then send it is rad!
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 And while breathing through her eyeballs. Raging bull
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 So awesome. I can’t believe the size of the ovaries these women have to ride the lines they did and on top of that throw in some great style.
My daughter was so stoked to see women pushing themselves and the sport they love.

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 I found this more interesting to watch than the gymnastics of the Rampage. It has the vibe of the earliest Rampage events and the ladies all ripped it.
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 Those runs and the exposure are insane. Hoping this launches the careers of some very talented riders!
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 Hana Bergman didn't even look like she was trying! So smooth!
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 Absolutely sick. I wouldn't hit or survive Cami's run. That shit is true rampage.
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 Thanks for just showing the raw drone footage with the mic'd riders! Way more powerful than some generic music!
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 Just watched the raw clips on the big screen, the audio is so well done. Brilliant decision to mic the riders. In contrast the highlights reel generic soundtrack was unbearable through big speakers.
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 Hannah Queen-B...what a G!
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 Watched it 5 times. Don't think anything's got me this stoked about bikes since Ride to Hills.
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 That stepdown near the bottom is so loooong. Incredible riding and bravery!
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 Some hang time there. Long wait for......the landing.
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 Goomes sent that last big step down so far it looked she landed in the flats. Eek
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 Vero looked like a G out there, can't wait to see some more from her as well.
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 so awesome how much the girls progressed in the last couple of years through events like formation, nine knights and so on. Keep it going!
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 Rad af
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 Super impressive riding, well done
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 So rad, props to all involved.
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 Those runs are f...cking insane! So sick..
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 Nerves of steel. 100% respect for these riders.
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 Sick riding! Challenging lines! Great job!
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 Good job ladies!! Highly exposed lines, big hits and good speed.
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 Great coverage and awesome to watch. Is that a new TR11 replacement that Hannah is on?
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 Future Legends for sure
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 Sooo rad. these ladies have bigger ball them most man riders I know impressive to say the least. long live free riding
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 show me you're 60 years old without telling me you're 60 years old
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 Chyx won, the end
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