Raw Video: Fully Pinned at the SilverStar Air DH - Crankworx Summer Series

Aug 1, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

A week of racing at the first week of the Clif Crankworx Summer Series comes to a close with the Air DH in Silverstar.


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 I love Vital Raw
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 Kasper's scrub was ridiculous!
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 thank you pinkbike for the coverage!!! it s dope
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 Tires on dirt is the best soundtrack of all! Thanks for not adding music????????
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 Which hubs/wheels(trail 120-150) are the top 3 if I want it to sound as a swarm of bees?
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 Industry nine hydra is the best
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 Prolly profile, project 321, or the old industry nine torch. New hydra is pretty quiet. Also Chris king but they are also quiet too
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 @freeridejerk888: Torch sounded more aggressive and low-toned. Hydra are more high-pitched, like a swarm of bees running after you. Wink
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 Chri$ King
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 You reckon it’s the carbon in the wheels and frame that give the bikes that cool hollow sound rolling over rough terrain? Or is it tire technology? Bikes didn’t sound that cool 20 years ago.
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 Wondered that myself. My theory is it's a mix between the size of the modern tires, tubeless setups and just how fast riders are nowadays. But you might be onto something with large tube diameters and thin walls of modern bikes.
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 20 years ago bikes all sounded like Orange bikes going down the hill. All you could hear was rattling and chain slap, bikes are quiet now and all you can hear is the hubs and the tires tearing up the soil.
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 microphone tech has come a long way too..
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 Cuschcore changed the tone of both my CX 40mm Schwalbe G-One and XC Schwalbe Rocket Ron (2.3")

Its tough to imagine riding without it now. So magic. All the bikes.
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 You also have clutch derailleurs and common chain stay guarding to thank now as well. You don’t realize how much noise these kill until you have one loosen up after riding quiet bikes. (My bikes aluminum with aluminum wheels but runs silent with these modern niceties)
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 Where to watch the replay boraodcast?
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 I'm about to move 4 hrs. from Silverstar!!! Please Canada, let us in! I promise to be good.
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 Yay! Silverstar is so much fun, and since you're moving here you're smarter then most Americans seem to be (jk but what is trump doing over there?!)
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 Or you're moving to Washington which is also cool but not as cool...
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 @Bikerdude137: I'm moving to WA, hence the "Please Canada, let us in!" plea. I wish I could move to Canada. I do not claim Trump or his followers.
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 @pdxkid: Washington has some sick trails+bc is right here when covid gets... fixed?
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 Pipe Dream = the best.
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 Is it pipedream? Because when I look at it a lot of it reminds me of Rockstar but I'm getting old and these guys definitely ride it differently than I do
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 @chickenlassi: Defiantly Pipe Dream.
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 Pipedream is one of the best trails I've ever ridden, just endless flow!! I miss silverstar.
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 "No music... We're going RAW!"
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 That was a thumbs up emoji, not question marks
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 Put Trump out of office & we’ll reopen the door ????
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 Air enduro maybe. No DH bikes
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 4 Enduro races in 4 days.
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 Didn't kasper wooley race the dh on his enduro bike? So obviously that's an enduro race now

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