Video: Garage Check with Eric Porter

Apr 17, 2020
by Daniel Sapp  

With many people having far more time on their hands than normal, home improvement projects are happening at a rapid pace. Eric Porter's compound is one of the best places one could be during social distancing and he takes the time to give a tour and breakdown of his recently updated garage.

bigquotesI hope that some people can get a little bit of inspiration for their own garages from mine. It was a bit of a mess but with some work and help from friends, it's now far more functional and I've been able to keep it tidy for nearly a year knowing everything has a place.Eric Porter

While all of the work was done several months ago, this is the first time we've got the full tour and it's almost as inspiring as his backyard dirt jumps.


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 Time to bring back MTB cribs!
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 Now we are talking!!
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 Gmbn tech does a bike shed segment where users submit there own home shops, and the hosts have also toured their home shops as well. I’m a shop your junkie.
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 @VwHarman: not MTB related, but check out Colin Furze on youtube, he does some crazy things and recently had a workshop tour.
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 Seths bike hacks has a great video where they show how it was all built.
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 I honestly don't understand why people are such huge fans of seth bike hacks, I mean he probably tends well to the masses seeing as the sport has softened and is much more mainstream with entry level riders being the bulk of the cycle population. For example, his trail system is a little over the top excessive, "today we are going to build a road gap, we have been meaning to do something like this for ages" builds a 1.5' booter over a gavel 10ft driveway onto a flat uphill, adds up ridiculous signage and beautiful log fencing as if your at a resort, then edit the f*ck out of it with slow-mo and over the top reactions.

Yes, I've become bitter, but thats cause I grew up watching Simmons fly over the Marzocchi truck, with Marzo hooker posters in my room, listening to overkill by motorhead, launching my 24/26 norco 250cc over an actual f*cking road gap with a bmx lid, death wish, and paraphernalia I hid from my mom. Where the f*ck are my OG's at!
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 @BoneDog: dude you are sooo hardcore
make your own YouTube channel and try making it your only job
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 @Asmodai: People make make bestiality videos on the dark web my man, no one said it was right!
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 @baxter-rides-a-banshee: is your generation the minecraft or tiktok? either way you failed us.. (joking obviously!)
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 That was really fascinating and one of the better things I have watched recently! (This surprised me. I mean, come on. A tour of somebody's garage???) Anyhoo... Now I have to organize MY mess! Or not, because I am lazy and his organizational efforts look like they required work. On the third hand, I love work! I could watch people work all day.
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 More pro rider garage tours!
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 That repair stand for kids is awesome, he gave me a great idea to kill that rainy sunday, I really have to do that! Hum.... well.... I just remember that I have no kids and no garage.
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 Chill dude, dong, dong! Would’ve love to see more of the bikes though. Still a great watch!
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 Very enjoyable, I like the wholesome back ground music, I'll watch more. Also,enjoyed your Exploring the Great Outdoors family camping trip article in the May MBA Mag.
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 Very wholesome. . . . until his youngest kid showed up.
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 Awesome video !
Please demonstrate use of the sling shot.
"Here critter critter."
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 Perfect timing! I'm currently reorganizing my garage for my family's growing stable of bikes and snowboards and this is great inspiration.
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 I like the snowboard coat rack Smile
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 This is super cool! The whole video has a great cosy vibe.when can I move in?
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 Dong, Dong, Dong . . . LMAO
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 It's a true fact.
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 They should do a bathroom check to see where the magic happens.
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 Digging the tire rack. Looks like one of the better ways to store tires and rims.
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 Good to see someone has their shit together.
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 Wish I could build jumps with my dong????
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 That is some next level bike porn!
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 More like a dream home, if you ask me!
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 not bad Porter!! dream setup! ;-)
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 I still saw a hoverboard...ruined everything
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 Like a Dong!
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 Pimp my MTB.
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 I need to hire Seth
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