Video: Garage Training Exercises with Coach Dee

May 16, 2020
by Enduro MTB Training  
Check out this quick introduction to the "garage/bike" equipment you will use for this two-part series.

In our reality of staying at home as gyms are still closed, here's a unique, "train live with coach Dee," garage-training-series designed with "equipment" you can find around your garage, home and amongst your bike parts. Because if you're like me over these last eight weeks your garage has been organized and re-organized a few times so I'm sure you'll be able to find some of the items needed for these workouts!

All you need is:
1- Bucket, small trash can or even suitcase
2- Some kind of weight like rocks, sand or water
3- 16-ounce water bottles
4- 36-ounce water bottles or milk jugs
5- inner tubes with old grips
6- Two pieces of cardboard
7- Handlebars, stick or broomstick
8- Jumprope or rope

Now, go for a run, a quick ride or do your favorite dynamic warm-up and be sure to do any stretches that apply to your body's specific needs. You have a few choices on these two, ten-minute programs... do one after a ride and alternate after each time your ride. OR, do both upper and lower together to make up your workout for the day. I suggest performing each program twice a week in whichever manner works best for you and your training schedule and be sure to work within your limits.

So grab some water, the equipment in the list above, and click on each video to join me in my garage to do an actual workout!

Garage training - Lower Body

Do these 10 exercises back to back for one minute each. Rest 60-90 seconds then repeat 2-3 times.
1. Squats w/water bottle OH presses
2. Planks with side leg hops
3. Bucket farmer carries (suitcase)
4. Plank with bike tube pulls
5. Multi-directional lunge
6. Prone cobras- both legs and arms
7. Waste bucket deadlifts
8. Sumo squat door open squats
9. Jump rope or imaginary
10. Back lunge with water bottle curls

Tube chest press
Bucket bent over row with handlebar
Bike erg

Garage training - Upper Body

Do these 10 exercises back to back for one minute each. Rest 60-90 seconds then repeat 2-3 times.
1. Push Ups
2. Waste bucket/bucket rows
3. Cardboard sliders
4. Bike tube DH position presses
5. Side plank w/knee and elbow touches
6. DBL tube pulls from top of door
7. Water Bottle lateral raises
8. Bike ARM ergometer
9. DBL Tube Curls
10. Water bottle kickbacks

Side lunge part of the multi-directional lunge
Plank with tube pulls
Bucket deadlifts

Try to get in two to three gym training sessions per week. You can try a schedule similar to this:

Monday - Off
Tuesday - Gym day - do this circuit
Wednesday - Ride, LSD
Thursday - Gym day - do this circuit (or any of the prior two) and whatever else
Friday - Off or Skills day
Saturday - Gym day - do this circuit, then go ride or visa-vers
Sunday - Big ride day

Don't forget how important rest days are. This is when you give your body and brain the chance to accept and absorb the stress you have imposed upon it during your training sessions. You do not improve while training, it's rest that allows you to improve. Be smart. Rest.

Coach Dee has been a coach for 30 years and is an ambassador for @yeticycles and trainer to many pro's and amateurs worldwide. He's used his MTB training programs to train for and win two championships as a Masters racer in the @BigMtnEnduro series.

Check out Enduro MTB Training's newly designed website for a training program that will fit your needs so you can take your riding to the next level!


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 Garage Days Re-re-revised.
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 Love the vids man! Will be trying a few of these tonight. Your suggested schedule though....more gym days than ride days? Im not sure how i feel about this lol
  • 2 0
 Haha! I know, but at least were still more stuck at home and so.... also, do one of them after a ride Smile
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 Nice one Coach!
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 Thank you coach!
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 Word. Them's are over 35 years old Smile
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 Nice re-use of old tubes and grips.
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 Thanks, they actually work pretty well too!
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 Thank you for your job Coach Dew, I feel more strong, flexible and sure when I ride ????????????????
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 You are welcome!!
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 What a crusher of a workout, thanks Coach Dee! 3 rounds or bust for me next workout!
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 YES!! Way to go!
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 I have the feeling that Coach Dee likes Yeti...
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 I do. Brand Ambassador Smile
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 I have a feeling Coach Dee is a part-time dentist..
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 @dexterfawkes: I have the feeling Coach D (for dentist) is kitted out to the nines behind that door (Smart trainer, full kettle bell and dumbbell sets, medicine balls, bosu's, etc) and that after the video he closes the door and says, "Never doin' that again."
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 Awesome @enduromtbtrainer so creative!
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 Wednesday: Ride then pop a tab. Bangin'!
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 *Coach Dew and no "?" but smiles
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