Video: Gee & Dan Atherton Go Searching for Airtime in Dyfi Bike Park

Feb 21, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesMore airtime equals more trees! Gee and Dan take on Dyfi Bike Park's 50 hits for Endura.

Endura will plant 100 trees for every second off the ground that the boys notch up - find out how they get on.
The Athertons


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 Environmental benefits is a price I am willing to pay to watch the Athertons ride bikes
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 Another way to look at it, the more trees the more airtime
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 If you filmed the whole thing in slow-mo you'd get even more Beer
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 They’d have gotten way more trees planted if they ride the entire track in slow-mo.
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 Missed the green arrow... Sorry!
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 @maybenotaprofile: for every downvote I plant an ugly tree in Waki’s backyard
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 @tbmaddux: When you post some more comments I can give you some more downvotes. Interested? I'd love to see that sweet swedish forest growing all crooked and pale.
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 Just saw Rachel announce she's pregnant on Instagram as well. The Atherton's have been busy!
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 Are you insinuating that Dan and Gee have something to do with the pregnancy???
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 @murfio: maybe he‘s from Alabama
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flag nedD (Feb 21, 2021 at 9:26) (Below Threshold)
 @murfio: Actually, you're the one who just insinuated it. Maybe you need to reflect on your own views before projecting negative connotations onto other's comments.
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 @murfio: is whacked out as that is, no I just submit in general the entire family has been busy. Rachel & Ben, Gee & Dan with the bike part, etc etc. Shred on folks and the best of luck to Rachel with her upcoming mini me
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 Voice to text there so pardon the grammar issues. Big Grin
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 @Stokedonthis: Or his ancestors are from Yorkshire
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 @murfio: It was the Grim Donut. The Grim Donut gets around.
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 @conoat: @conoat: South wales has a pretty shallow gene pool, generally where there's mining, there's inbreeding. Yorkshire's not so bad, you have to go a fair way north before you find the webbed toes and banjos.
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 @pbuser2299: good job Dyfi is in North Wales then...
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 @pbuser2299: Norfolk isn't that far North...
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 @pbuser2299: Webbed feet is a sought after human trait especially for swimmers and free divers. Foot models not so much.
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 I had no doubts they’d leaf the ground
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 Hopefully this becomes rooted and doesn't go unnoticed. Seems like something worth barking about
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 @Bermie-Sanders: It's really good that the Athertons have used their insane talent and branched out to endura for a project like this.
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 oakay.. i guess being environmentally friendly makes them more poplar
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 Plant a tree for Dan and Gee? Sounds good to me.
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 Same challenge at Loose Fest ???
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 Endura also make affordable gear that lasts years, unlike all that Troy Lee crap.
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 Ive rediscovered Endura kit this winter. It is a great price for really well designed and durable gear and with a good attitude to the environment. For winter riding in the UK there is little better IMO
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 The Athertons sure have been planting their seeds. Gagitty
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 I don't think the Atherton's spent more than about tree fiddy on dirt. lmao. that place is nothing but shale rock!
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 Yeah I'm sure they talked about the shale in one of their vids. Seems they've figured out a way to make it work though; looks grippy and weather-resistant. :-)
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 Is this to balance out the Atherton Sawmill?
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 just hit super slow mo and triple the incentive. Please bring back the coaching days at Dyfi....i'd love to be able to jump half as good as that
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 That place looks like it would be mad in summer.
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 This is awesome good for endura and the athertons.
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 Just love watching the new Sunday tackle big jumps !!
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 That looked like a helluva lot of fun!
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