Video: Gee Atherton Wins Round 3 of the British National Downhill - Rhyd-Y-Felin

Jun 25, 2019
by Matthew Davies  


With a large proportion of the top riders sitting the third round out to recover from the past few weeks of racing it left the podium open to some new faces. In the Elite Men Gee Atherton would take another win on the new prototype bike with a decent gap back to Joe Breeden despite crashing in the final corner. After Breeden, there would be a four-second gap to the rest of the podium with Josh Gleave, Douglas Vieira and Roger Vieira completing the fastest five men.

In the Elite Women, both Tahnee Seagrave and Rachel Atherton would not be in attendance allowing Becci Skelton to take the fastest time of the day nearly a second ahead of Chloe Taylor. Both the top two women would dominate the rest of the field with Meg Whyte being the closest over nine seconds off the pace. Abbie Sloan and Maya Atkinson would complete the Elite Women's podium over ten seconds back.

Despite Gee looking fast all weekend the rain left him and his fellow elite riders lacking behind the junior riders setting the fastest times of the day.

Sunsine for most of the weekend.

Elite Men:

1st. Gee Atherton: 3:08.852
2nd. Joe Breeden: +1.59
3rd. Josh Gleave: +5.19
4th. Douglas Vieira: +5.99
5th. Roger Vieira: +6.01
Elite Women:

1st. Becci Skelton: 3:32.527
2nd. Chloe Taylor: +0.98
3rd. Meg Whyte: +9.20
4th. Abbie Sloan: +10.31
5th. Maya Atkinson: +11.52

Bala National
Gee Atherton takes the Elite win despite a crash


The junior men set off just before expert and elite and managed to get dry race runs. meaning super fast times and not far off the pace of Gee's winning seeding run.

Junior Men

1st Jamie EDMONDSON 2:51.9501 -
2nd Luke WILLIAMSON 2:53.6362 +1.686s
3rd James ELLIOTT 2:56.7233 +4.773s

Fastest Time of the Day - Jamie EDMONDSON ( Junior ) - 2:51.950


Video / Photo - Matthew Davies (@blackveinmedia)


  • + 17
 Did anyone NOT wash out on that lower field section?
  • + 47
 Me, because i wasn't even there.
  • + 2
 Maybe Joe Breeden did - thats why he was so close to Gee?
  • + 0
 @Lasse2000: Joe crashed (and was down for longer than Gee) in the bottom field.If they both stayed up I reckon Joe would have won.
  • + 16
 @murfio: weird ... I wasn't there either but I did wash out on that corner.
  • + 1
 @bigtim: I was next door......I spilled some of my tea.
  • + 1
 I didn`t but I was there, albeit 11 years ago....
  • + 9
 Gee’s found his level here? Are you for real? He podium’d at a World Cup less than a year ago after returning from some horrific injuries. Respect is earned not typed...
  • + 6
 Yah Gee get it!
  • + 1
 I'm sure he got some banging photos but fair play, that's got to be one of the silliest places you can sit as a photographer...
  • + 1
 1:18 vs. 1:30 shows: going high and sideways looks gnarly, but staying low and strait wins races Smile
  • + 1
 I like the slip & slide at bottom of the coarse! how come it is only wet at the bottom?
  • + 3
 water travels downhill would be my guess. gets soaked up and into the mountain but floods the flatter spots
  • + 1
 sick video and sweet article boom
  • + 2
 Summer time fun!
  • + 1
 Well done Jamie for fastest time of the day Smile
  • + 1
 There’s no pics or mention of the Junior women, why is that Pinkbike?
  • - 2
 Him still has it!
  • + 3
 Can he haz steezburger?
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