Video: Geoff Gulevich, Rémy Métailler, Yoann Barelli​ & Steve Vanderhoek Hit Wild Squamish Lines

Mar 22, 2021
by Geoff Gulevich  

Always a humbling experience, riding with talented riders, on their home terrain. We checked out some super wild trails and had an all time day, with Rémy Métailler​, Yoann Barelli​, Steve Vanderhoek​, Jono Lo and Matt McDuff. We got deep into the big moves and had an absolute blast with one another. Definitely a day for the books!

filmed on my GoPro​ Max
Riding my Orbea​ Occam


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 I really love those videos with remy, yoann and steve (and now added by geoff) but it feels like the released more videos in the last few days then netflix in the last months...
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flag ReformedRoadie (Mar 22, 2021 at 6:49) (Below Threshold)
 Feels like the 4 of them went out for one long ride and split up for parts to milk it for a dozen YouTube posts.
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 It’s tough to fault them though, especially if they’re making any kind of income from it. I mean....I highly doubt Geurilla Gravity and Propain pay what Commencal and Cube were paying them. And, with no events happening still theres not prize revenue coming in (and I know it’s not much even at the best of times), plus, lots of free time since traveling, racing, free riding etc are still pretty difficult at the moment.
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 The 1997 Chicago Bulls of Mtbing, but seriously I’ve seen very few videos that capture what riding with buddies is like... well done fellas. Stoke is high after this.
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 I love Steve Vanderhoek's energy. Seeing him in Remy and Yoann's videos, it's not hard to see that this guy loves to ride bikes.
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 Everyone is on their mini DH bikes while Geoff on his 140mm trail bike...
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 such a good throwback. Speed and big moves are awesome....but old school freeride is like this. Slower, hitting up features that take some measuring up to do, and then loving it when you finally clean the whole line. great stuff.
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 Very nice ! Is it me or the gopro is acting funny at times ? on the sides of the screen ?...
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 Yeah, it distorts and that part sucks. Jeff, change cameras as this has been the experience with your last few videos and it distracts from the main center portion PLEASE???

Great group of riders and they certainly are a benchmark of PNW riding.
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 I haven't seen that much peripheral breathing/distortion since I ate some paper in college Smile
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 We have exactly the same vibe absolutely fully sending huuuuuuuge 2 to 3 foot high features.
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 Great edit with plenty of fun and friendship. Thank you! Give us more!
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 Everyone's riding clipped in?
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 My guess is they don't want the faintest chance of a slipped pedal with the stuff they are riding.
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 Steve is on flats
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 Feelgood movie of the week!
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 The BC Alpha crew. Best guys to watch on YeewwwTube.
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 Too. Much. Awesome. Content. Seriously, these guys have been pumping it out lately. I don't have enough time to watch it all. Keep it up though!
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 Such a good video for a Monday morning, puts my weekends riding into perspective, still on the novice slopes!
Would love to move over the pond to look at these features.Smile
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 Seeing collaboration videos with literally every NS/Squamish based rider has been awesome..
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 they are all amazing riders but Gully damn he is so confident, precise and stylish
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 Gully is dope
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 Why the sceaming? isn's stoke possible without sceamin? The rest was nice though =)
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 Didn't know what to expect, man this blew me away... I'm going back for another watch.
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 INSANE riding boys! Love the vibes, keep it up!
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 What´s the name of the trail?
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