Video: Geoff Gulevich Rides 'Boogie Man' and 'Boogie Nights' from Top to Bottom

May 24, 2020
by Geoff Gulevich  

Had some spare time this morning and was able to squeeze in a solo lap down two of my favourite trails, Boogie Man and Boogie Nights.
It's nice sometimes to get a solo ride in, to keep going when you feel the flow. Today was a prime example on some old vs new North Shore trails.

Hope you enjoy.

Filmed on my GoPro HERO8
Riding my Focus SAM²


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 That Boogie Nights section looked scary fast. So great to have no music on this!
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 That section of trail is very well built. Probably my favorite trail on that whole mountain. You can hike up from the bottom pretty easily when the upper mountain gets covered in snow during the winter.
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 Looks like the ebike does pretty well on that trail.
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 I thought it was an RC car making that noise...
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 Oh, I guess I have been doing it all wrong. Now that is how you ride Boogie Man.
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 Geoff makes it look easy. A treat to watch him ride ! That hollow log with teeter at the end of Boogie is super narrow first clearing the tree. And the teeter is sketchy with a lot of play. I love how he gets amped when seeing a skinny. North Shore to the core !
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 I have to agree, his line choices are stellar.
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 Not sure about you, but I can hear the sound of a smile.
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 The first time I started out on that elevated bridge I was staring at my front tire making sure I didn't fall off. All of a sudden I'm 10 feet in the air and pooping my pants. I properly hate that bridge even though it's not hard to ride. The trail is sick though.
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 He is so fast on those slippery skinnies and logs... Commit or eat shit, he?
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 that was insane in the membrane
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 Thank you for that! Sick riding..those skinnies..
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 Sounds like an ebike.
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 I'm pretty sure you are correct.
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 It says right under the video 'Focus Sam2'.
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 Damn he smoothed it out nice! Made it look easy. Looks like lots of new lil doubles on boogie nights. rad
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 Yeah Gully!! That was fun!
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 Oh man, I wish we had trails like that here. Rad shred!
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 Can’t wait til the border opens back up to get some of that again!
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 Holy Sh#t.....that was awesome!!
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 Holy f*ck that was rapid!
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 WOW, those trails! my covid filled saliva is dripping...
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 Boogie Nights is running so good right now! was up there today.
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 "See if the lungs can hold on.." He's going downhill, on an e-bike...
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 Well done, thanks!
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