Video: Geoff Gulevich Rides Dilapidated North Shore Skinny Trails on his eMTB

Sep 27, 2020
by Geoff Gulevich  

Testing out my new EBike, the FOCUS Bikes JAM² , on some classic north shore trails. The first trail, "Salvation", I didn't know was still standing. A few rickety boards and structures made it pretty interesting. Then "Boogie Man" is always a classic and getting better every year with it's awesome improvements.

Filmed on my @GoPro HERO9black


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 Came here for the ebike hate, popcorn ready!
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flag mollow (Sep 27, 2020 at 8:51) (Below Threshold)
 Can you imagine being so insecure that you call out the haters before anyone even mentioned it.
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flag monkeybizz (Sep 27, 2020 at 14:41) (Below Threshold)
 @mollow: he’s got nothing better to do on his Sunday aft. All the people who ride real bikes have already gone out for a ride/are currently out there. He’s gonna be waiting a while
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 @monkeybizz: Well, at least you came through to deliver *YAWN*
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flag monkeybizz (Sep 27, 2020 at 17:08) (Below Threshold)
 @notsofastoverfifty: guess I could say came here for the “yawns” *grabs popcorn*?
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 I still dont understand how we can filter out ebike stuff but not XC stuff?

Wait, Im probably asking the wrong crowd as you all still havent figured out how to filter ebike stuff yet...
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 @monkeybizz: Good come back, ha-ha! :-D
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 @mollow: at least we aren't as bitter as you and comment something negative on every damn comment
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 Everyone knows that the ebikes make riding a lot easier so there’s no way he could’ve ridden those Skinnies on a regular bike. Not only that, It’s obvious that ebikes destroy trails because those Skinnies were in perfect condition immediately before he started riding on them..
There is no way that climate change and read will destroy humanity because ebikes will do it long before then...
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 That was a leap of faith going down the teeter totter on Salvation, I haven’t seen anyone ride it for years, I thought it was decommissioned.
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 DANG! guess I won’t upload my “I rode a skinny” video now
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 Best Vid I’ve seen on PB in 16 years Yeah Gully
Reminds me of Trails Drop In TV used to visit
Episodes from ‘03 - ‘04 ish Good stuff
Bring it back
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 Really? thats the best video youve seen on PB in 16 years? Did you just get out of prison?
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 No one rides skinnys anymore, and no one rides like Gully. Glad hes bringing it back.
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 @owlie: Hahaha comment gold!!
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flag Durtwrx (Sep 28, 2020 at 8:11) (Below Threshold)
 Well mate, I’ve been checking into Pb for 20 years. Many other sites when I’m online which is rarely ever. Being involved in moto, surf, mtb industries over last 35 years I’ve always been on the participants side, not glued to Pb home page for 16 years, that’s your job.
Sounds like a prison to me.
You’re doing well as a comedian here!
Cheers mate @owlie:
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 @Durtwrx: jeez dude....chill
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 @Durtwrx: so defensive.... Pump the v brakes bro...
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 Thanks for the ride down memory lane! Definitely cut my shore teeth on that lap.
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 I would probably die 8 to 13 times if I wanted to ride and filmed this track :-)
What a sick rider and what a sick video.
I wonder how many of us “forum semipros” can ride there...
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 Can only imagine how many times you have you made it most of the way, and slipped off of skinny... "#$?!"
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 Every.... Bloody... Ride...
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 Now that’s something !!!
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 good god this is so tasty. now only if I could make it through the skinnies I could ride it!
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 That was awesome
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 Geoffs videos always make me want to go ride. I dont get all the negative comments on here, i personally dislike ebikes but I see one being ridden properly, not just hacking along a tow path.
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 stop teasing us with a bike we can't buy in North America
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 Ahh Salvation....this is a time warp to 08! Such a fun trail.
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 I too always start conversations with other trail users whilst in mid air.
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 If you want to be polite, you got to be polite. Like that.
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 I don't care what bike you're on, that was outstanding!
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 Such great riding on Boogieman! Probably spent 100 or more hours on that trail years ago. Time to get back over there. Really great to see the "Hamburglar" again!
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 Your a beast!
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 When was that ramp into the start of Boogie built? Nice addition!...the log drop had seen better days
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 Sick Skinny skills Gully! Also dig the narrating. I didn't even know he was on an ebike until he mentioned it in the video.
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 skinnies are by far the best slow riding fun you can have.
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 Boogeyman is my favourite trail of all time. Miss you! 3
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 At least he didn't ride up the trail. Ask Griz at Deity about that.
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 0:55 battery engaged!!!
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 this is good as long as the assist was off during the punchy pedal parts of the trail
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