Video: Geoff Gulevich Rides Steep Chutes in Williams Lake BC

Oct 5, 2020
by Geoff Gulevich  

Checking out some of the gnarliest chutes around, right here in Williams Lake BC. Dropping in with local legend, Cory Brunelle.

I was on my @FOCUS Bikes SAM² Ebike, just to make it more exciting.
@GoPro #GoProHERO9 #GoProCreatorSummit


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 That poor poor bastard in that cloud of dust..
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 Yea, my worse riding injury was caused by following in a dust cloud and not being able to see the deep rutt I found myself in.
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 There was 3rd dude who fell after dropping Wink
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 that was beautiful!
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 1:55 i missed it until you mentioned it. Had to go back to see Bad Idea Billy get bucked in the cloud of dust. You know when you see someone jump off a dock into rough surf, backwash, or shore breakers...yeah that dude. God love em.
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 The dude almost disappear on the dust cloud ! I shit on my pants when the front rider raise some dust on known trails...
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 More like Geoff "Gully"vich amiright???
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 Good thing having the e-bike. Looked like he needed the extra power and speed on the way down.
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 @Gulevich87 is there a point to grabbing brakes throughout the chute or do you hold off and let the tires roll focusing on staying loose and making shapes? What are some tips on turning in steep sandy looseness like that?
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 Yeah, you should try and scrub as much speed as you can, otherwise, you're going to have a bad time
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 @Gulevich87: Also whats the ethic here? Rule of ride don't slide seems out of place. NS loamers get torn to poop but if there steep enough there is nothing you can do but replace missing loam with stone where needed. If I were to travel out to Williams Lake and ride this stuff would it be frowned upon by the locals or is it more of a if you can find it ride it?
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 @monsieurgage: when bike surfing a cutback or chute like this the ‘ride don’t slide‘ doesn’t apply! Farwell Canyon rules are do what ya gotta to survive lol.
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 @freeinpg: Can that be a thing? If there is a book of BC free ride, can "Farwell Canyon Rule #1" be in there? I like it. Gonna use it.

BC Free Ride
1) Take don't tell = NO strava on the darkside ya hose heads!
2) Ride don't slide.
3) Farwell Canyon Rule, do what you gotta do to survive. Supersedes rule 2 in event of mach chicken speed even after lever to bar death grip.
4) Small wheels never die.
5) ... I'm sure Geoff has a few more
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 awesome riding but what is up with all those cables?? Amazing rider with a ghetto set up....
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 Lito eat my dust lol
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 So gnarly!
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 no workie
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 such a great rider and ambassador
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 Riding a moped so he can pedal back UP the chute?
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 sounds brilliant.
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