Video: Geoff Gulevich Tackles Old School North Shore Tech Skinnies

Jul 8, 2020
by Geoff Gulevich  

For "Trail Tuesday", atop to bottom run, down "Upper Oilcan". A nearly forgotten piece of North Shore Mountain Biking history. This trail is full of classic Shore skinnies. Very hard to link it all together.

Riding my Focus SAM²
Filmed with my GoPro Max

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 "This skinny is uphill, gonna muscle up it - that took most of what I got"

...Listening to the emotor doing all the muscling for him...
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 Yeah that was weird - unless he had the motor function turned off?

Also, I would normally insert my usual 'cheater-bike' comment here but since I bypass most or all of those features on my meat-bike when I ride Upper OC I guess this might not be the time or place! I still really hate on fit and fast industry 'influencers' for promoting them though.
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flag justgoride (Jul 8, 2020 at 9:28) (Below Threshold)
 You do realise you still have to work on an ebike right?
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 You're really gonna diss a north shore legend on his bike choice? Maybe he just wants to get 5 laps in instead of 1 or 2. It's a long climb to the top of Fromme.
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 @drakefan705: that sort of thing... No one realises they have uses, too quick to point out that it's 'cheating'.
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 @drakefan705: Yeah, I will.
All I hear from eBikers is that it isn't easier, they just go further. Well I'm watching this video and thinking, how much easier are his volts making it because you can hear them everywhere man. How much easier are all those Strava KoMs on an eBike? I'm disappointed that a pro biker will blantantly lie about his 'muscling up the climb' (both literal and figurative BS) when we can literally see and hear the work the bike is doing.
When I was a young teen, I rode a steel rigid walmart bike, and I blitzed every adult I rode with because I rode like a lunatic. The reward of being faster than everyone in our club (at least on the descents) made me a lifer. If my club all rode eBikes and rinsed me at every turn, I think I'd have been pretty disenfranchised pretty quick. eBikes are making speed a matter of wealth, not passion.
And this video is trying to refrain the problem with eBikes by making the narrative one of 'capability', and not one of spirit, class division and the level playing field.
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 @oneloosecrank: this specific trail is low speed technical so an ebike does not make it easier. That section he’s muscling up is a really short just a couple of pedal strokes not really muscling up.
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 One of my earliest NS memories was losing my nerve at the top of one of Upper Oilcan's rock rolls and crashing off the side. In the dark. Killing my super awesome BLT light. Made my way off the mountain with a pretty dinky handlebar mounted light and crashed a few more times. Under biked and outgunned! Was a great fucking ride.
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 Ah riding skinnies, one moment you're riding, the next moment your collarbone is broken. Long live Digger!
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 "don't really feel like losing my front end and landing on my face"

That's weird, I always seem to have an overwhelming urge to do so
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 Love these vids..keep'em coming Geoff!
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 Without getting in to the whole e-bikes are stupid thing.. this trail was always fun. Never managed to get the 180 turn but the rest I did numerous times. The thing that comes to mind for me is being down on the road and watching my buddy eat it so hard on that last rock. Just brutal
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 Just too inform everyone that didn't think that was a task riding skinnies on a eMTB, it more difficult them a MTB. Extra 20lbs to deal with when trying to balance on the skinnies.
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 GEEEEEEEEEEZZZZ.... that's awesome.. I built a bunch of skinnies through the years.. one ended up being 390 feet from end to end but, it wasn't nearly as cool as the stuff in this video... I called it Bronto -- mostly about 4 feet off the ground, at most 7feet where I had a little trail UNDER/OVERpass... ending with about 50 feet of tree that had fallen but, rounded, not flat, with the bark still on it. That part was difficult to stay on due to the slope off to each side.
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 No GoPro effect here , looks scary.
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 Trust me, the GoPro effect is real on this trail as well. Especially the 'smaller' features are 10x as scary in real life. The GoPro does render long flat skinnies pretty well though.
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 7 weeks later and still healing up a deep gash in my leg from losing it on a skinny this COVID season... I can appreciate his balance. Mine was lacking..
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 This reminds me of a young gully on a clapped ellsworth joker, riding skinnies with dangerous dan and company
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 Love Upper OC. Such a classic trail. Still remember the first time I ever linked the whole trail in one go. Unbelievable feeling. Keep the shore skinny!
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 That's one seriously technical trail having ridden it a few times white knuckling. Gully making it look easy ! Keep the North Shore content rollin' in ...
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 Focus drop ball by giving up on USA market before we even started buying ebikes.
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 favourite trail on upper mt froome. so fun
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 That's some sweet skinnies! And wide handlers probably don't work that good with those trees on either side! Big Grin
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 If one can not ride the trail under any conditions, one should not negate the efforts of one who can, no matter the bike.
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 I remember Geoff’s cameo in the first Dropin season back in 2002. It was the Vancouver episode.
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 Gully's got the shills to pay the bills.
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 Lost me when he said e-bike.
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 IT'S A TRAP! He's riding an e-bike
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