Video: Geoff Gulevich Takes a First Lap on a Very Steep and Rocky Trail

Sep 18, 2020
by Geoff Gulevich  

Finally got to checkout this area for "First Lap Friday", with @onecutmedia and his friends, Dev and Rob. Was super dry and rolling fast down all that steep terrain. Thanks for the tour, boys!

Riding my @FOCUS Bikes , SAM² ebike
Filmed on my @GoPro Max


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 1:38 "Use those muscles!" he cries to the guy in front of him... through the whining sound of the motor in his ebike, helping him get to the top...

Awseome riding, and a wonderful trail though!
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 thats me, yes the e bike blew by me
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 Dang devil worshipers and their battery bikes defying the laws of what's fun on bikes.
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 Given that Geoff has more talent than all of you put together, he can ride whatever he wants. The fact that more pros are choosing to ride ebikes speaks volumes for their place in biking. They can’t all be unfit old goats as the haters claim.
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 Sheeple want to think that they only enable people to do less, shredders know you do more. Ebikes are awesome and getting better!
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 This guy gotta shoot in wide fov if thats superview, wtv it is bring it down a notch that bike looks so far, the barrs look like 540mm wide and the fish eye effect is over 9000. You can visually see the digital stabilization warping the image in a fish eye effect all the way around the image, just look at his arms. Ppl need very basic knowledge for shooting and stay away from full auto.
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 Filmed on the Gopro max.. their 360 cam. Superview isn't even close to that wide.
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 @Jcmonty: i never used the max but I have other 360s and you can crop it out that it looks more like a normal action cam. I would be surprised if you can't do that with the max
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 Amazing terrain.
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 I don't think I could keep puckered for that long.
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 Another week, another Gully edit Smile
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 Is the trail public, if so where?
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 Never go full moped.
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 Hey look! Our resident E-Hating drunk uncle. Where you been lately?
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 Right I didn't see the throttle
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 @Chuckolicious: thanks for caring. I've been mostly drinking my face off, sitting on the porch and shouting into the wind, you know just the usual.
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 @yerbikesux: Good on ya!

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