Video: Geoff Gulevich Uncovers a Dream Freeride Trail in British Columbia

Aug 21, 2020
by Geoff Gulevich  

Stumbled upon this unreal trail with Scott Mackay up front. What a gem!!!
Fast, flowy and some crazy doubles incorporated into it.

Riding my Focus SAM
filmed with my GoPro Max.


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 If Gully is going to keep GoProing the secret spots I guess at least we can be thankful he's stopped naming them/saying where they are.

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 no more names.
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 True fact 95 % of pro riders are total dry guys.
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 Can the person that crafted this trail please stand up? Credit where credit is due!
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flag enduroNZ (Aug 22, 2020 at 4:44) (Below Threshold)
 Your mum
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 @enduroNZ: I called my mum and she said she didn't build it. Damn shame.
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 Another week another Gully edit. Hardest working man in the game
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 I mean riding bikes and making gopro edits is barely working but I get your point.
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 @markcorrigan: shhhh... don't tell anyone...
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 @markcorrigan: Making the edits is a bit of work maybe?
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flag markcorrigan (Aug 23, 2020 at 2:01) (Below Threshold)
 @friendlyfoe: nope, not really. Compared to a 14 hour shift at the oil sands, I'd say it's pretty easy going, maybe not quite as well paid though!
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 What a beautiful trail!
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 I know that trail, it's just outside Winnipeg.
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 hahahaha yup! Super secret. People should definitely plan their bike trip there and spend lots of time looking for it.
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 Good to know. Here we were thinking it was somewhere in Kansas.
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 Pretty sure the trail is just off of mile marker 666 on Notellie Creek Road on Zipperlip Mountain
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 Nice rip! To the first 500 pink bikers who deposits 50 CDN to my tumbler account, I will share the goods. hang loose!
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 I found a bike today and want to know what kinda bike It is
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 Does the bike have 1 wheel? - Unicycle
Does the bike have 2 wheels? - Bicycle
Does the bike have 3 wheels? Tricycle
Does the bike have 4 wheels? Take the training wheels off and ride the damn bike.
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